Sheroes Rising for Development

About Your Initiative

Having been a journalist and writer for almost 2 decades, I realised that women have been excluded from history in every society the world over especially patriarchal ones like mine.

We have been raised to believe women cannot do anything, cannot be seen nor heard, it took me 40 years to discover that was a lie. With heroes rising, we wish to be able to research women, write their stories, write these stories and honour them in order that other women will know they can do it too. And also create a platform for social impact projects and activities that will advocate, promote and seek the rights of women and children.

This will impact 10 million in readership of northern Nigerian women whom by virtue of culture, tradition and religion have been disenfranchised for generations. It is our hope that sheroes rising would be able to inspire young women to reach for their dreams, and adult women to not give up hope.

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

northern Nigerian women

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