Posted October 12, 2021 from Nigeria

Dear sisters,

This post is for GRATITUDE.

I have been enveloped in so much excitement and joy since I got the news of my story being selected for the story award. I had been struggling with so much in the past few months, from my gut health, to the unsteady and unpredictable economic collapse that is pushing so many of us to the fringes of poverty, to the apparent lack of security. All these and more have a negative impacted on both my physical and mental health, leaving me distraught.

I have designed impressive projects that have been in my computer for months, with no idea how I am going to get them done. So many times I see what you amazing women are doing and I feel inadequate, utterly hopeless and helpless. I feel like how can I be in the midst of all these women doing such brilliant work for humanity and not be able to do same? Yes, that is how lost I am.

I resolved that I will keep writing, because it is the least I can do; yes it is better than doing nothing. Besides writing is one of my strongest skill. So most times I go on social media, post stuff, make updates and read from others in order to find the strength to pull myself out from one storm or the other. And it works. Olutosin Oladosu's posts always do the magic for me. No matter how low I am, it pulls me up.

This story award, makes the whole difference on a whole new level. It once more proved to me that my voice is not only loud, clear and powerful, but much needed. And also motivated me to keep writing.

I am so happy, honored and proud to be a part of this incredible community of game changers.






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Jill Langhus
Oct 13
Oct 13

Hello, Dear, Hawwah,

It seems like you're still doing the work to me, dear, despite your insecurities and challenges. Please be kind to yourself. Yes, Olutosin and her work are truly amazing, and inspiring.

I'm glad the story award has given you renewed energy, hope and encouragement to keep speaking up, and doing your important work!

We're honored, and proud, to have you in the community, dear. Keep soaring. Xx

Oct 13
Oct 13

Hello sister Hawwah

I am so happy that you have decided to write again. I can see how excited you are about it. We are so proud of you and we will support you (yes I speak for all :):) I am too inspired by Olutosin's narratives.
All the best and much love to you!

Regina Afanwi Young
Oct 14
Oct 14

Hello dear Hawwah, how are you doing sis? Mighty congratulations on your story award. You too are doing such amazing job speaking up for women always dear sister. Am so glad Olutosin works have such a positive impact on you dear sister.
Keep soaring dear Hawwah!!!

Oct 14
Oct 14

Thank you for sharing your happiness and Congratulations! Everyone has different strength. Your strength is writing. Writing is a powerful tool to share your emotion, experience, views, etc.
Please keep the great work on! Utilize your talent to help others as well!
May Almighty God bless you!

Beth Lacey
Oct 15
Oct 15

Congratulations on your story award! Please keep writing. You are an inspiration!