Being a Gender advocate

Posted November 10, 2021 from Nigeria

Is not a piece of cake, but I know we all know that.

But I also know that in order for us to continue to motivate ourselves and one another to not bow to challenges that may arise but continue to use our voices to elicit and drive change.

It is the reason why I always say advocacy (of any type) is a calling hence not for the fainthearted, because problems will arise. Challenges will come, sometimes even threats. Because what we seek, is to eliminate old patterns, pull down archaic structures that have sustained for centuries but caused a lot of harm. However, these old patterns and archaic structures benefit some people, and they will fight tooth and nail to protect and preserve it. 

Recently, a young lady contacted me seeking for help.  The narratives of abuse were unpleasant and upsetting, the saddest thing is her father knows and he keeps sending her back every time. I don’t know what it is about fathers that send their daughters back to their abusive husbands. She needed help, because she did not wish to return to her abuser, so I referred her to WRAPA, but she never went. She is now back with her abuser, who then called to accuse me of wanting to destroy his family.

These are some of the lighter issues gender equality and domestic abuse campaigners face; unexplained hate/threats. But we shall preserve. Women and Girls must be free.  I talked about this encounter and serialized it in my vlogs. 

Take a listen.

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Tamarack Verrall
Nov 11
Nov 11

Dear Hawwah,
In all the years that I have heard people speaking out against violence against women, I am in awe at what you have produced through these videos. You say it loud and very, very clear. You make the connection between violence of men against women, and men fighting each other in wars. You not only offer the solution, to end all domestic violence as a start, you challenge the whole patriarchal set up. You challenge men to change. You are a powerful speaker, and your message is so strong, so beautiful and so profound. I hope it gets shared everywhere, as you offer us to do. What a brilliant and courageous leader you are.

Nov 11
Nov 11

Dear Mama Tam,
Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement.
They are so comforting and motivating MamaTam.
I deeply appreciate your support, encouragement and kind words.
Advocacy is a thankless job. We hardly get such warm and kind recognition for much less a thank you.
But being here, in these space alone makes it all worth it.
Love you MamaTam

Nov 11
Nov 11

Thank you for sharing. It needs more awareness and improvement on gender equality, GBV, etc. Though we can see some improvement, it is not enough. Also, it may need to have more help on those GBV victims as well. Hope some local NGO can offer some assistance here.
Please keep speak out to increase the awareness!
May Almighty God bless you and all the victims under GBV! Take Care!

Beth Lacey
Nov 12
Nov 12

Thanks for sharing the vlogs. Yes, advocates for justice- especially gender equity- must be very strong and fearless. I see that in you