All about the small wins

Posted November 16, 2020 from Nigeria

Just last week, I read something someone wrote about the importance of small wins; small achievements.

It made me reflect and take stock of my life's journey and I realised that it was the small wins that got me this far.

If I had not held on to the 'small and insignificant' wins and continued to take the little steps, I would not have been here.

I am here today because of all of these small wins because I held on, and carried on with optimism and enthusiasm even though I did not know that they were actually the 'big ones'. 

And I hope that my tenacity will inspire others to also preserve.

Today is an auspicious day for me, a day of gratitude, for successfully putting this one in the bag.

Now unto the next one.


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Nini Mappo
Nov 17
Nov 17

Congratulations dear Hawwah!!!
In the face of all the Covid-19 and other challenges of this year and your course of study that you describe, this is not a small win, but rather a glorious one. No doubt a key stepping stone to the next level. Go Hawwah!! (Claps!)

Nov 17
Nov 17

Congratulations Hawwah :)

Tamarack Verrall
Nov 17
Nov 17

Dear Hawwah,
Yes, what a great reminder. The small wins add up, especially now that we can all celebrate each others' small wins. The power of even one woman believing in one act that we have succeeded in doing. The power of supporting one sister in believing in herself. Go Hawwah! We are with you with each of our small successes.

Hello, Hawwah,

We celebrate small wins indeed, but receiving a certificate of a Masters degree from UK is a huge feat. CONGRATULATIONS! C'mon, dear, you so deserve to celebrate. This is a HUGE WIN! This is a rare opportunity, and you got to achieve it after all the hardships you face. Your children will be so proud of you.

I am proud of you!

Nov 20
Nov 20

Thank you for sharing your perspective and experience. It's wonderful to reflect on your achievements in gratitude. You are an inspiration!

Shirin Dalaki
Nov 23
Nov 23

I love what you wrote Hawwah and it is so true. I like your positive message and your attitude of gratitude.
Thank you.