The Feminist

Posted April 19, 2021 from Nigeria

Have you ever met a male feminist? Male feminists are few, but they do exist.

Even though I have not met many of them myself, but I have always known that there are men out there who are not only understanding of women's challenges, but also sympathetic and supportive.

Sobada Enyan is a Ghanaian who lent uses his music for advocacy and recently lent his lyrics to women empowerment.

It is indeed heart-warming to know that more and more men are understanding and identifying with feminism and what it stands for, for we cannot win this battle alone. We need allies and having men on our side comes with a lot of advantages. 

Kindly support in showing some love and support to the FEMINIST, Sobada Enyan


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Tanushree Rohera
Apr 20
Apr 20

Oh this is so nice!! Thank you for sharing this. It's really heartening to see the effort and dedication of men in getting a more equal society too. I wonder what inspired by him to be so driven!

Nini Mappo
Apr 21
Apr 21

Thank you for introducing us, Hawwah. Sobada gives one hope, and I hope that his music is also enlightening his male peers on how to contribute to a more equitable world!