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funding for health care supports such as transportation, house care, personal care, medications, food, utilities such as hydro, for all classes of people

Posted January 21, 2018
Expired on January 21, 2018

Money-transportation expenses for clients

Money for a reliable vehicle to transport clients.

Coupons discounts on foods, hygiene products .

Collect from grocery stores, discount foods,

Money for Medication - it is too expensive some people do not have benefits to cover medication.

Money for dental -people who have ODSP benefits do not cover the costs of what is charged. Some dentists will not take clients if they are on ODSP.

Goal is Sustainability: To have a business that generates donations of money or items, money, discounts and coupons to use the money for some of the above problems.

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email-to exchange phone numbers, meet if able too.  

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