Chidinma Helen Okoye
Posted April 5, 2020 from Nigeria



Beautiful,beauty , becoming




Fabulous , fascinating, fragile,,foxy


   Hot,hypnotic,heart stopping








   Fragile ,kind , stunning

    Just like petals,sweet

     Don't ever hurt her 

She was created to be loved 

            And adored 

  Love her,value her,pet her 

           Hurt her not

           Hurt her not 

Treat her right , always always.

          Yes always

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Tamarack Verrall
Apr 05
Apr 05

Dear Chidinma,
I have just now read your series of poems as if I had your poetry book in my hands. You are a gifted writer, and this poem is a beautiful tribute to the goddesses we women are. I have enjoyed all of your poems. This one, and your poem on Nature resonate deeply with me.
In sisterhood,

Chidinma Helen Okoye

Thank you Tam,.Iam glad you like it .Much love and hugs .

Hello, Helen,

I agree with Tam. Please keep those poetries coming, and in no time you can compile them into a book. :)

Thank you for writing these beautiful words as a tribute to women.

Chidinma Helen Okoye

You are welcome Karen .I appreciate you.

Anita Shrestha
Apr 10
Apr 10

Thank you for sharing

Chidinma Helen Okoye

You are welcome darling.

Thelma obani 2020
Apr 13
Apr 13

Thanks for writing.. your soo good with words.

Chidinma Helen Okoye

You are welcome beautiful.
Thank you for your kind words.

Dear Helen,

I guess you live in Africa, as an an African woman I know more or less what you could be going through. But my friend fear not to open your mouth here in World Pulse,. I know that World Pulse is exposed to violence and accidents online just like any other institutions. I I know that people involved or who know about your accident could be following all your steps also here in World Pulse. I therefor think it could be good for you to open yourself regarding the character and type of the accident you have faced. There are many important things in the lives of every human being, and one very important thing is your health, your mentally healthy is one of the most important thing for you. If you keep some issues only for yourself there is the danger of affecting your mentally healthy. Share your story if you do not want people to know its coming from you share it with no name no picture. I also know that in Africa there is nothing confidential. Not even Whatsapp. Just find a way of talking about it. I also know that in Africa you cannot trust even the most trusted members of your family nor friends. Talk about it, write the story for yourself by hand and destroy it write it again and again and destroy it again and again. Think about it. And be brave, be clever and be careful. What ever accident you have been through just keep in mind you are not the only one who has been through that kind of accident whatever it is. Cry, cry as much and as often as you need. Just take it out of your body and brain. get in touch with a medical doctor talk to him or her. Watch the Pandemic hospitals can be dangerous due to the Pandemic. Look your self at the mirror see the beautiful Girl/woman you are and after you have cried and realized how sad and miserable and helpless people usually look when crying, get back to your feet still in front of your mirror and start smiling smile until you Laugh and see how beautiful you are and forgive yourself for have been through whatever happened and start being happy again. Because you are a happy Girl/woman. Therefore you are here. The unhappy women and Girls keep their mouth shut and let others and accidental issues to humiliate and destroy them and live unhappy forever. God Bless you Supper Girl/Woman.

Chidinma Helen Okoye

Hello Republicans of Mozambique,Yes iam from Africa,Nigeria , thanks
Hope you and your loved
Ones are safe? Blessings love from Helen .

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Dear Chidinma,
Thank you for sharing your post. This is very refreshing poem about the beauty and strength of a woman. Sometimes we forget how strong we are and let society get the best of us. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to more of your posts.
Stay safe and stay strong during this difficult time of Covid 19 pandemic.
Be blessed and have a great weekend.

Chidinma Helen Okoye

Hello Anita,
You are Welcome
Thank you,trust you are safe ?.