Today's politics

Chidinma Helen Okoye
Posted April 5, 2020 from Nigeria


It's a sickness Burning in the darkness With all its madness Showing its toughness Glowing with wickedness Coloured by sweetness But full of sinfulness

It's players are Funny Fooling everyone with Money What We think is honey Is Just Nothing They are so cunning But their wrath is coming


Yes it is coming like a whirlwind

We were promised goodness

I remember the campaigns I remember the elections

   Elections or selections

But now I see emptiness

             Dryness, They should be full of shyness Still you see them as princes

Nigerian Politics Humorously Sarcastic Just like my shopping plastic It moves when the wind kicks

You have your say    I have my say 

But politics is here to stay.

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florence kekong
Apr 05
Apr 05

Dear Chidimma,
I just said to myself, after reading your piece, "Oh, these politicians are heartless. They are just the same everywhere but we do not have to be silent. A popular saying has it that the one who keeps quiet when something is going wrong does more harm than the one commiting the crime. We have to join our hearts together to fight those evil ways.
You have taken the right path. The path to speak out and be heard. And of course, chart a way for more women to raise their voices to be heard. This, we can do together as we have started here. Hoping to read from you always. Thank you.
Florence Kekong

Chidinma Helen Okoye

Hello Florence,you are Welcome sister ,yes we won't keep quiet ,we will speak out.Yes

Hello, Helen,

This COVID-19 pandemic surely exposes the tru colors of politicians. Thank you for raising your voice. We stand with you!

Chidinma Helen Okoye

You welcome Karen .Thank you .

Anita Shrestha
Apr 11
Apr 11

Thank you for sharing

Chidinma Helen Okoye

Always sister .

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Dear Chidimma,
Indeed politics is a sickness and politicians are the same allover the world. They way they think and act is the same. They are selfish human beings. There are a few exceptional ones but the majority are just outrights selfish people. Indeed politics is here to stay and we have to find ways of dealing with this demon.
Thank you for sharing this post about politics.
Stay home and stay safe.

Chidinma Helen Okoye

Thank you Anita.