Chidinma Helen Okoye
Posted April 6, 2020 from Nigeria


What Is Corruption? Everyone Has Explanations Everyone Gives Justifications Everyone Wants Solutions Who will fight Corruption?

Somebody decides to fight Somebody decides to hide Somebody stealing the light  What is Corruption?

Nobody wants to die Nobody condemns lies Nobody wants to cry Who is Corruption?

You can fight I can fight We can fight Where is corruption?

See the bribe Hear the crime Suffer the tribe Every time  Isn't that Corruption?

Who are You? Who Are We? Who Am I? You Anti-Corruption?

It's not easy It is heavy It is creepy

Don't be weakened Don't be Chicken Together We Can End Corruption!

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Jill Langhus
Apr 08, 2020
Apr 08, 2020

Hello Dear Helen,

How are you doing today, dear? I think you're right, dear. What corruption are you specifically referring to, though? Can you explain in more detail?

I hope you're safe and well, dear.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Apr 13, 2020
Apr 13, 2020

Hello, dear Helen,

How are you doing? Thank you for speaking up against corruption. We stand with you.