Chidinma Helen Okoye
Posted April 11, 2020 from Nigeria


You see i'm drowning and i can do nothing

tears rapidly streaming and slowly i'm dying

this thoughts is killing me please do revive me

for i can't save me in this terrible kind of reverie

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Apr 12, 2020
Apr 12, 2020

Hi Helen, though not knowing what is happening on you at the moment... pray God to send loads of angels around you and chat with you. God has this world and us human.

As Ecclesiastes 3:4, a time to weep and a time to laung; a time to mourn and a time to dance.

If there is no one available for you, please pray and talk to God. For He is God, just tell him your feeling, your wound, your thoughts, your need and even your desire. Let God be with you and heal you well.

Take good care, sister.

Jill Langhus
Apr 13, 2020
Apr 13, 2020

Hello Dear Helen,

How are you doing today? I'm sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well, dear. Please let us know if we can help. Feel free to send me a private message again, if you like:-) We're here for you!


Apr 13, 2020
Apr 13, 2020

Hello Helen ,trust you are safe ? Don't give up sister.

Apr 14, 2020
Apr 14, 2020

Dear Chidinma,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Its bit painful to see your emotions like this my dear sister but I salute you for your expression, it really takes strength to share your things openly, specially when you are introvert. I found you very interesting so went through your bio. I am so happy to know that you want to take very good care of aged, children and less privileged people in society. Please keep your faith strong , so that one day those people would get the benefit with you. I read other postings also, which i found interesting , so my sister please keep your writing and stay positive. Please do let us know, how can i support you?
sending you lots of love and care,

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Apr 14, 2020
Apr 14, 2020

Hello, dear Helen,

I feel that you are having depression, dear. That is really tough. You can get through this, my sister. For you are powerful, smart, and courageous more than you ever know.

You will be able to rise above all this, dear one. I know so because I’ve been there before. What you feel now is valid, but please press on even with tiny little steps. Even just with one baby step. Your past no longer defines you.

You are enough just as you are. Hugs!