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About Me

I live in Flagstaff, AZ and am a wife and mother of two children. I consider myself an "interdisciplinary creatrix", someone who works at the intersection of various areas to create paradigm change toward a socially just, spiritually fulfilled, and environmentally sustainable world. I love to collaborate with people of different backgrounds to understand, transform, and heal historical trauma; my passion is working with and learning from survivors of sexual/domestic violence and indigenous people. As a writer, facilitator, dancer, community organizer and embodiment teacher, my goal is to weave together webs of relationship to create a vision of peace for our planet.

Some of my projects include directing a Tribal Bellydance troupe, co-writing a blog, cooking local foods from scratch for my family and friends, learning about and re-membering indigenous spirituality and my connection to Mother Earth, organizing for One Billion Rising, serving on the board of a private foundation, and deepening the inquiry of what it means to be part of one human family. Women's Empowerment, Healing Trauma, Sustainability, Peace, Social Justice, Local Foods, Indigenous Land Rights, Water Feeling sorrow at the state of violence taking place everywhere on our planet; being discouraged by outdated historical attitudes about women and Earth that are hurting all of us Tribal Bellydance, Embodiment, Sustainability

My Vision

Healing, Peace, Justice, Sustainability, Women Speaking Out, Indigeneity