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Dear Reader,

I am the first sister in the family of four.I left my hometown, Koh Kong province located in the west part of the country close to the Thailand boarder, in 2000 in order to peruse my university in the Phnom Penh city. While studying at the faculty of Humanitarian and society on major Philosophy , I have been looking for a job and I was accepted as volunteer with Women's Media Centre of Cambodia (WMC) in 2002 as Radio Reporter. I really like my job as female Radio Reporter, it was really exiting, my duty is finding the information, writing and announcing for the listener, I was really proud when my first article was accept my editor and it was put on air to the wilder audience. As a journalist, I have travel a lot throughout the country. I spent five years with this media organization before I have change to Womyn's Agenda for change. There I have explored something interesting , I could see the world more clearly, I have gone through the bigger picture of the world policy, met young Cambodian girls from rural area struggle with their live working in the poor working environment and few of them became the brilliant girls who have ability to present their issue and their community through song performance.They are a group of former garment factory worker call The Messenger Band and now they are continue carry out song performance through out the country to call for support for grass root people struggling for their working and living condition.

After 2 years with Band, I have came back to work in media sector again at WMC as assistant to Executive Director. I keen to pursue my journalist skill, now I can find it with World pulse, Journalism online training.

"Life is hope and change....." It is the opportunity to develop my self with world pulse....

Let.... See Next.....

Writing, Educating Could not be far from my family, I need to take care my two small kids. Radio production

My Vision

World without violence on women, justice is possible...