a mothers love.

Honorine Ngenwi
Posted September 13, 2020 from Cameroon

I know that  mothers day is over but still I wrote a poem about  how great mothers are.

A mother is a woman who is willing to sacrifice for her children.

A mother is one of the most caring people in the world, no matter the headache that her children gives her she is always looking out for.

A mother is not just someone who cares but is also a machanism of love .

When any of her children falls sick, she doesn't rest, she's worked up by what she has to do to make them feel better.

She is the bringer of life .

A vessel through which God uses to bring you and I to this world.

She is an everlasting joy to those who know the worth of her love.

Her love is priceless and even the richest man on earth Cannot take it away. If you love your mother as much as she loves you say " Thanks mother for taking care of me and I love you"  then you give her a big kiss on the chick.

A big shout out to mothers. 

This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Sep 13
Sep 13

Un poeme de grande envergure quoi que ce soit les mères sont pour le monde la vie.

Honorine Ngenwi
Sep 13
Sep 13

Thanks Desire for the encouragement.
My regard

Sep 19
Sep 19

Thank you for sharing.
You are amazing . I love you.

Hello, Honorine,

What a lovely poem to write for your mother and to mothers out there, including you! It doesn't need to be mother's day to honor mothers. Thanks for writing this tribute. I know you are also a great mom so kudos to you, too!

Honorine Ngenwi
Sep 21
Sep 21

Waoh Ka, thanks so much and as a mother all is espected from you to the children like what you are doing too for the Princes.
Thanks Ka
Love yoooooou