Women with no Hope

honorine ngenwi1609833739
Posted October 27, 2021 from Cameroon

Being one of those women whom in life knew that there was no tomorrow, no bright future and what have you. What I am trying to say is that, some of us should know that they are not alone and each of us knows our individual background.

With all these in mine I was isolating myself from the society and feeling inferior in the society and just being myself. The day I got up and said to myself, all is not lost, I decided to go out and look for a job. 

A year after the socio political issues in my country started and behold there were calamities that happening in my communities such as rape, killing of children, killing of young girls and boys, women etc.

There after, the pandemic came inn and I lost my job. I cried for three continues days without eating, and with a lot of taught in my mine. After those days I asked myself why am crying when at my job site I saw people who didn't have something to eat, clothes to wear, and could not afford a daily bread for themselves ( vulnerable, needys), some with no hands, no legs ( disabilities) and I am hear lamenting when I have all these features.

When I had these taught, I wiped my tears. After that in heard the voice my mind telling me, why not go out  and see how you can help others. I stood and didn't know how to start or go about it. One day I got up and  went to my cousin who is a pastor(Victor) since I didn't know who to seek for advice and there I explained everything to him. He told me that, the reason you were send away was because God wants to use you to serve your community and your people. I then asked him, all alone with no support? He said to me, he has a reason for choosing you and He knows you will do it. I just responded okay and left.

Since I started the community work, I have been working from one area to another. 

When I heard about world pulse and her activities I didn't hesitate, immediately I joined the sister hood though so tied after the field work, that same day I read through some sisters write up and some encouraging and inspiring works. I was like waoh what a wonderful place to be. My greatest happiness was because I saw a place were I will learn more, feel at home, and a place were my voice will be heard and my broken heart will be up lifted.

Belonging to the sister hood, is not a mistake and its not just belonging but many other things and activities are being carried on there such as encouraging, inspiring, motivating, funding and opportunities and what have you. 

While in the sister hood, I have learned a lot especially morals and self confidentiality, and also meeting new friends and this has made me to come out of my shell.

Further more these has enabled me to increase my volume of work by linking so many young pregnant mothers to attend their Anti natal care(ANC) as early as possible. I also talk to them about the advantages of early ANC and the disadvantages of late ANC.

In addition to that I always advise them to go for family planning to prevent another occurrence in the future, because most of them are very young, school drop out, and the worse of it is ignorance, especially in remote areas where there is no means of going to school. Most of these young girls become pregnant because of rape, sexual harassment. So education and awareness is one of the best ways to make them understand more better to avoid further damage.

With this family, I will always love, cherish them and their activities and showing my appreciation to the sisters through a song.


One day I was hopeless and restless, thinking about no body cares,

For somebody came touch me telling me about misery and shame hey, hey, hey(2x)

Now I am happy hey, hey, hey (2x)

For I have meet you oh, oh,

You taught me how, how, how how, how.

To live by faith hey, hey, hey,hey.



This story was submitted in response to Healing through Art.

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Jill Langhus
Oct 29
Oct 29

Hello, Honorine, Love,

Thanks for sharing your love, inspirational post and song. Do you have a video of it? I would love to see/hear it:-)

Hope you're doing well, and that you have a good, safe weekend, dearie. XX

You are welcome mom Jill. I am doing okay and a better weekend to you too. XX

Jill Langhus
Nov 01
Nov 01

Okay, dear. Hang in there. Better days to come:-)

Hope you have a good week, dearie. XX

Oct 30
Oct 30

Hi Honorine
Thank you for providing a window to peep into your journey. I am so glad that you have been encouraged and that you have found a new hope. Your song is so beautiful - I also wish I could hear it through your voice but I hear it from your heart.

All the best to you

Hello Megsmueller thanks for offering your time to read and for the encouragement. Unfortunately I have been struggling to send the video of the song and its says, cannot be uploaded and only file with the following extensions are allowed png, gif, vpg, jpeg. I am so sorry for that.
Thanks my regards

Grace Iliya
Nov 09
Nov 09

Hi Honorine
I believe that Sometimes when life gives us a blow it has something better in store for us. Your story is so inspiring. Keep up the good work.

Much Love