Maintaining hygiene and sanitation during menstration

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Posted May 23, 2021 from Cameroon

Mensuration is the hormonal changes that takes place in the development of a girl child.

Menstral hygiene management is an essential aspect of hygiene for women and girls between menarche and menopause. Dispite being an important issue concerning women and girls in the menstruating age group MHM is often overlooked in post disaster responses.

Further there is limited evidence of menstral management.

Some of these hormones changes as from the ages of 10years upwards and highest statistics shows that many of these girls do not know how to take care of themselves. 

How do we help these girls to know how to maintain hygiene and sanitation during this period?

Enhance education and provide needs especially for the teenage girls. 

Manage their circle without embarrassment and frustration.

Support them to access sanitary towels and how to use them.

Ensure necessary facilities for proper management of menstral hygiene (using warm or hot water, clean washroom and safe disposal points).

Watch out and ensure that girls and women with complications seek and get necessary medical attention to limit infection.

Without these follow up, these women will suffer from the following:-

Friction because because they don't put on pads.

STI's because many people use one pit toilet and no disinfectant.

Odor; because they don't know how to wash their pants well and most of them have atmost 2-3 pants to use. 

They can't afford the basic needs which are necessary for life.



This story was submitted in response to Menstruation Matters.

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May 23
May 23

Dear Honorine,
The questions and problems are clear. The menstrual cycle and all it's challenges and nuances are still in this day and age mystified in both developed and under developed countries. Both have different levels of intensity of the same story. Women have been menstruating since the beginning of time. And we still cannot seem to handle it as a normal occurrence. The only answer is that women have to support women. Older women have to be educated to teach the next generation. Local women know local issues. Foreign women no nothing about issues outside their own. Especially the intricacies. Women have to decide and embrace that we belong to each other. It's the only way we have a future of viability and value on this earth. Women must support women. Women must learn this concept, take charge of issues and find a way to solve things that affect only us. Waiting for male awareness, understanding, funding and foreign aid isn't going to do it.
Congratulations on your first story and welcome to World Pulse.

Hi JoMarie thanks somuch for the health talk. Its really true women need to collaborate and educate each other.
I am happy with that and for ever we shall succeed one day.
Hugs xx
May 24
May 24

Dear Honorine,
A thought came to my mind. Regarding STI's because many people use one pit toilet and no disinfectant. This is public community mentality. But if a woman's committee takes charge, if 200 people use the same toilet, can't 100 people be assigned to clean it? This is a local issue. Girl's hygiene isn't going to sprout in her mind all by herself, suddenly, one morning. A woman has to teach her. Women have to be responsible for women. We won't take charge of ourselves, so how can we take charge of the world?

Hi Jo, that's a very good taught. Like in my country, especially in the rural areas small hurts are built and since my country is unstable especially in the two English speaking regions they think it is better to be around each other so that incase of any thing it will be easy to get help and if it happens that one person has manage to dig a toilet somany of them uses it. Likewise in Urban areas there are single rooms and you see somany peoples living inside and since somany had flee from the rural areas to urban areas the purch with others. I just think that is ignorant where they really need education on health talk. Some few women I contacted while on the field, when I was talking to them on cleaning of the toilet one of them complained that "one person can't keep on cleaning the toilet when some are there mersing it up".
So I told her its for your safety and that of your baby.
You know what she told me? Anti I can't keep on doing it all alone. When I asked what are you going to do now?, she said I will think of what to do. I ask for how long?. She didn't answer again. I suggested they draw a roster and she said she did it and the other did not followed the roster.
You know what was in my mine? This woman is planing to mess the environment.
There is a say that goes " its not easy to deal with adult, and ignorance is a disease".
I my country, the crisis and the pandemic has worsen things especially with the issue of no school. We don't have public toilets which I think that would have reduced the situation.
Those are some of the challenges I get in the field and I think writing it can make some one to add more light on it and tell me how we can reduce these challenges.
Thanks so very much Jo for every thing. You are a darling
May 25
May 25

Dearest Honorine,
It is an honor to be in your midst. You are the challenger, the torch bearer, the woman who dares to shed the light where there is none. I take this moment in my own simple way to absolutely celebrate you. Keep shedding the light. You are the light.

Hi Jo thanks for everything, most especially for celebrating me and for the encouragement.

Susu Mohamed
May 25
May 25

Dear Honorine,
Welcome to world pulse, My sister as we know menstruation matters we need to do allot of awareness and training to the community to develop and maintain hygiene and sanitation of the period especially young girls as they feel many challenges during menstruation. thank you for sharing your first story
I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

Hello Su it really a sad situation but we'll keep on creating awareness in our communities in other to make these girls to know what is wrong and what is right.
Thanks for offering you time and encouraging.

Nini Mappo
May 28
May 28

Hello Honorine,
There is a sister with your same two names who's been here for a while, but this is your first post. Are you the same person and couldn't access your previous account? Or are you a new sister?

Thank you for seeing this need and advocating for it. Your voice will change your culture, create awareness, acceptance and form new traditions around menstruation, and build a conduit for menstrual resources to reach women and girls. Thank you for caring, and if you are not the other Honorine Ngenwi, Welcome to the sisterhood :)

Hi Nini its the same person. Really I couldn't get access to the other account. Thanks for the great concern my sis. I appreciate your encouraging voice so much.

Adriana Leigh G.
May 28
May 28

Hello Honorine,
Congratulations on your first post, a powerful important one. It is so crucial to keep sharing this, especially for women globally to better understand the questions and the problems girls face. What I appreciate is the clarity with which you present the issues to us and what we need to do, such as enhance education and provide needs especially for the teenage girls" yes! Let's keep speaking openly and without shame or embarrassment about periods. The more we do, the more we normalize that this is something to be speaking openly about, and beyond that, something to honour in our bodies.

Warm regards to you from sunny Montreal,

Hi My dear sister Sunny thank you for realising the fact that we need to bring out the dirty attitude out from our community. My sister I love the encouragement word you have impacted to me.
thanks dear