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Provide Care For the Elderly With Me

What I'm Leading

Hope For The Elderly Ministries Uganda was my long time vision. I was aised in a poverty and HIV/AIDS infected area, I grew up to witness great impoverishment and affliction in my community particularly among the elderly who didn’t have much care. My great attachment to one of these seniors made me promise myself to do something about their condition as soon as I could. A relentless prompt within my spirit coupled with persistent calls from within the community for such services confirmed that this was a divine mission. Hope For The Elderly Ministries Uganda was established in December 2014. It’s a fully fledged and registered organization with registration number 10881 (S. 5914/10950) meeting all the legal requirements of organizational operation in Uganda, currently located in Kisoko Sub-county in Tororo District and has field operations and community presence in Omonyole and surrounding villages. Hope For The Elderly Ministries Uganda leads an integrated approach in delivering quality results among its beneficiaries including condition regular fellowships with the seniors for spiritual and emotional support, conducting regular home visits for evaluation and support, provision of hot meals, basic needs, and health care among others.

In addition our organization has incorporated an aspect of supporting single mothers in the care for the elderly and in income generating projects. Some of the young single mothers are under the care of the elderly as they have lost their husbands to HIV/AIDS leaving them vulnerable with no hope to support their children ending up in the care of the elderly who are also very vulnerable. 

I introduced mushroom growing for the elderly for income generating activities to enable them to buy basic needs and also to eat some of the mushrooms. I also started Vaseline making for the elderly to help empower young girls to say no to sex before marriage and to engage in skills that will help support themselves other than being used and infected with HIV/AIDS which has left !most of the homes in my community vulnerable.

I  also started a saving scheme for the elderly and they are all happy to save few cents every Wednesday of the week. I saw a burden that the elderly were facing taking care of the single mothers rather than receiving support from these young women. I introduced hands on skills for the single mothers to make baskets, necklaces and brackets to help support themselves and their elderly caretakers. This is a great initiative that the women have adopted and they are also encouraging other women to join them to the empower the entire community to do something to impact lives. When I saw the smiles on their faces, it makes me work harder to come up new initiatives to empower and bring hope other women in Tororo District, Eastern Uganda.



Who I'm Impacting

The elderly and the children under their care of Kisoko Sub County in Tororo District and the surrounding villages of Omonyole.

My Updates


About Me

My name is Josephine Apio. Raised in a poverty and HIV/AIDS infested area, i grew up to witness great impoverishment and affliction in my community particularly among the elderly who didn’t have much care. For three years, I cared for an elderly woman, and on June 27th 2012, she fell deeply ill. In her last moments, she called for me, as she wanted to give me her last words. Unfortunately, I went into labor the same day. When i heard this elderly woman I so loved had died, my great attachment and this woman’s death gave me the necessary courage to begin to deeply & smartly work to help the elderly people in my community. I am ready to give them hope to live a joyful & positive life.

My Vision

Envisions an “empowered and healthy elderly Community living satisfying lives”.


Financial support to support the elderly through; Advocating for seniors rights and needs, seniors social welfare support and health care.


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