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About Me

I am working as a translator and an editor for an Arabic speaking TV channel; I am also a blogger and a civil journalist. I am a dreamer and a seeker. I hold a Masters Degree in Translation and Interpretation after I obtained my bachelor degree in English Literature. Worked in Internet Governance issues in Middle East and North Africa region. Main focus is privacy and engaging civil society in forming online policies, using web tools for prosperity and improving pesonal life, also women's participation in producing online content. From the 3rd to 6th of June 2014, I went to Beirut - Lebanon as a mentor to participate in Internet Governance training, my presentation was about internet wars and a goup of hackers called Syrian Electronic army.I participated with other activists from Arab Spring countries in writing a book called “Demanding Dignity.” I wrote and published a number of articles and interviews, made numeral public speeches regarding women's courage and resilience in difficult times.

I am a VOF 2012 alumnai and made a speaking tour with WP. I am also part of Women in Public Service Project: Pecebuilding and Development where we discussed and worked on engaging women in social and political atmosphere in their socities for peace, reconciliation and development. My work focus on human rights in Syria, and women's heroic actions to weave a new reality in the face of poverty, violations and fanaticim.

My Vision

I seek to help people find their true selves and dig deep for their barve and sincere voices by spreading knowledge and interaction to build a mutual understanding.


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