Is Texas turned into a personal Kangaroo court for Surrogacy children treating us like the Wild West? But we count too, right?

Posted September 14, 2016 from United States
Do Girl Child Count?
Whose Best Interest?
Whose Best Interest? (1/1)

Three siblings divided by "birth type" but wanting to UNITE and legalize themselves with human dignity and respect in 21st Century Global World. This statement alone constitutes a HORROR life story and we are NOT even adults yet. My vision is ALL children are equal, no semantics. I was brought into this world with ugliness and deleting me as a girl child. In response, on my behalf and ALL other children like me lets say, "I am Beautiful" since birth (for me 2009), what's yours? Telling a child THEY DON'T COUNT is the UGLIEST thing you can tell any child. Sign the petition and Support innocent children and siblings.

What are Niti Atre and her cronies trying to prove? that stealing candy from a baby is easy, what? Regardless of who they attack or silence, it is I who got exploited and deleted, and any attack is a direct attack against me, a poor, exploited, girl child left-behind in India by an American immigrant. Shooting the messenger is not the solution, it’s Niti Atre and her cronies, smart, rich, and powerful who have made a complete mockery of Texas, US and Indian laws to exploit innocent children and women for a selfish benefit. As poor, exploited and lacking a day in court, we have only truth to offer and let history decide whether we will continue to be persecuted and silenced OR be assisted and heard? The laws are against LGBTI, immigrants, Surrogacy and as a child I am fighting the same laws as Niti Atre is as an adult - the difference is she is using LIES and manipulation as a rich, powerful, smart adult while I have to fight with Truth as a poor, exploited, resourceless child. I do not know what its like to live as an LGBTI adult but I do know how laws and life is pure hell as a child of LGBTI in order to get a birth certificate and passport of two genetic males. I do not know what its like to be immigrant adults as two genetic male spouses prior to 2013 (illegal in the US) but I do know what its like to immigrate as a child of two genetic males. I do not know what it feels like to be an infertile adult but I do know what it means to be a Surrogacy child here on this lovely planet to help infertility. To summarize, its pure HELL of triple whammys to be welcomed into the world with and then to find out like other abandoned kids they were also not wanted, the fourth whammy. If one were to read through Niti Atre's sworn testimony in court, one would walk away thinking there are NO legal issues for LGBTI, immigrants and infertile/Surrogacy people, is that what rest of the world believes? Hypocrisy and lies in court is one thing but when the same LIES exploit innocent children and women 10000 miles away, is that "110% sorry" privilege or different? Just like fellow Texans are fighting absurdity with absurdity by CocksNotGlocks, I as a child am forced to confront absurdity with absurdity to survive because of Niti Atre and her cronies actions and behavior in creating a HOSTILE environment for me and anyone who speaks up for me. If your spouse or a stranger hurt and exploited a girl child, would you speak up or be silenced? Niti Atre is a certified liar in her own words by contradicted several of her 1000+ lies she said earlier under oath. Niti Atre, a certified liar based on the certified court records, also agrees TRUTH is the right way forward even if selectively and after decades of lying. Niti Atre maybe soft-spoken, rich, powerful, smarter than me but is also cold-blooded liar who exploits innocent children and women for selfish benefit. In any war, the unspoken rule is to spare the innocent children and women, does the same rule apply in fertility war? The question is have the lies exploited and abused innocent children and women and broken laws in this case of 21st Century Surrogacy Terrorism? How much is a "personal legal case" Vs. how much is lack of laws and public policy debate on Surrogacy children is something You Decide. We have to move forward with our lives the way it is. While I hear a lot of "progress" for adult women, is there any "progress" for girl child, also a woman of tomorrow? Saved the girl child, educated the girl child, is allowing to live freely with dignity and respect a right of the girl child?

Surrogacy Terrorism = Exploit the vacuum in the laws for IVF/Surrogacy children to use one IVF/Surrogacy child/sibling against another to DIVIDE the biological family and making them stateless in the quest to have a child at any and all costs.

Recently, the DHS admitted mistakenly issuing US Citizenship to immigrants using false birthdates. story where false birthdates were used to get USC by some immigrants from "countries of interest".This is exactly what has been done for one Surrogacy child but not his sibling where a false birthdate is allowed. The point is "Surrogacy Terrorism" follows the same pattern as some immigrant terrorists do but because its "SO UNIQUE" we will neither call it terrorism nor address the issue. Its NOT UNIQUE for us, its our life of torture, abuse and trauma with the same effects as with traditional terrorism - the "new normal" in Surrogacy terrorism where innocent children are made stateless as in-place refugees and split as siblings and family. Just like all immigrants who get USC are NOT terrorists, NOT all infertile or adults who do Surrogacy are "Surrogacy terrorists". But how do we address the issue from the eyes of the children in some cases? So far its been an experience of denials, lies and persecution - the "new normal" in Surrogacy where our only fault is wanting to help and show compassion to fellow human being. Everyday there is a "new parallel" with the effects of lying and Surrogacy and innocent children being punished and the sufferers.

Recently, External Affairs Minister of India, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj tweeted on the ill-gotten fortitude of a Surrogacy child that should they end up in an orphanage due to "legal paperwork". While both UK and Indian governments traded "rule of law", its the innocent Surrogacy child left without "legal paperwork" and the adult Surrogacy parents rendered at the mercy of government. This is NOT a child custody issue, this is a LEGAL PAPERWORK issue. Same laws, same issues, different countries (US and India), happening to me and my brother also born of Surrogacy. I didn't go to an orphanage but because I was saved by my biological parent in India, we deserve to lose our immigrant brother and a son in the US? Is this what we call fair and impartial justice or do we hold individuals responsible and accountable for their actions? In this recent case, BOTH parents showed up and pleaded to the governments, why did Niti Atre KNOWINGLY not only didn't show up to help and neglected and endangered my welfare as a child BUT also sent a letter via court that she NEVER wanted my child custody then why place an "order" for a child in India while in the US? At least in 2016, authorities and people have the decency to ACCEPT and SOLVE rather than DENY and EXPLOIT like us since 2009 for the sake of surrogacy children.


In America, discriminating against anyone based on their race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, birth is a HATE CRIME. Did Niti Atre and her cronies pre-plan and knowingly discriminate against me based on my birth type as they fully well knew the consequences of their actions? "At the time of my birth", given US laws I could NOT come to America and neither could my brother born the same way and nor could Niti Atre unless they both LIE about their "birth". My immigrant father was stuck in India trying to save me just like any other Surrogacy parent which takes years and his immigrant status would have expired and effectively NOT allowing him to return to America either if he SAVED me. Niti Atre, an immigrant in America based on LIES and her cronies took away an immigrant child from his immigrant biological family in India and ensuring NO return to America. This is NOT how we solve infertility in America, we are HUMANE and TRUTHFUL. Despite the LIES, time has always proven the most effective solution. Ask Lance Armstrong, Dennis Hastert, Ariel Castro, Ann Pettway, some members of clergy, Affluenza case, Stanford rape case, and so on. And going back in time, ask Galileo and Copernicus who were killed for saying the truth against the most powerful system of the time but centuries later, we all are in 110% agreement with their truth. TIME is the best solution as it unravels the LIES. What have we proven to innocent children like us? Why the intolerance to truth? In case anyone is wondering, to be exploited and discriminated based on "at the time of birth" is offensive, is it a HATE CRIME if its pre-meditated and pre-planned? Ask an LGBTI adult, ask an immigrant adult, ask a Surrogacy child who will become an adult, ask an adult judged on race, religion based on "at the time of birth". It's NOT right.

Fertility War

Niti Atre and her cronies have started a fertility war and in this proxy war, I am the "prisoner of war", "human shield" by being made stateless and an "in-place" refugee. As Surrogacy children, we are born into this world to HELP with infertility and NOT be a "war" as Niti Atre and her cronies have made it. In any war, there are lies, exploitation of innocent children and women, stateless children, innocent children used as human shields, uprooting of biological families, loss of home, loss of identity, loss of rights, etc. All of the above is true in this case. Here the fertility war is that of "legal paperwork" like birth certificate and passport as per laws for Surrogacy children. Most people are in denial because either they are not aware of the facts or don't care or we don't count. Imagine if Susan Anthony, Rosa Parks, Harvey Milk, Edie Windsor,Joe Obergefell, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr. thought the same way? I am none of the above but do take inspiration from them which is SILENCE is NOT an option. We don't know the results just like they didn't BUT SILENCE is NOT an option. The spirit with which America passed the "Girls Count Act" in 2013 OR closing the slave labor loophole in importing goods into America. This is the path to follow where innocent children get a birth certificate ("legal paperwork") or children made abroad via IVF/Surrogacy on "order" by American adults are held to same standards as if the contract was in America and close the "slave children and labor" loophole for Surrogacy children. This is progress and development. This fertility war will end when the legal paperwork of Surrogacy children is in order as per laws, whatever they are which also implies UNITING us innocent siblings and treating us as "equal children" and NOT as some special, weird caste of "Surrogacy child". It is NOT my fault that laws require a "genetic link" to issue birth certificate AND passport but that's what the laws are. I have heard in some parts of the world, women and girls don't get equal access in places of worship OR don't get education or of female infanticide or female foeticide or honor killings of girls or different forms of exploitation. In America, a Surrogacy boy child is declared in a marriage while a Surrogacy girl child is deleted and denying her rights while the laws for any and all Surrogacy children, boy or girl, state children like us are "child born out of wedlock". This is a new form of exploitation against the girl child with a 21st century twist. Even for the most extreme feminist, I ask how do you explain my exploitation as a girl child with lack of birth certificate (implies no access to education and other basic rights), lack of passport? I am a proud Indian American and just like ALL other citizens see both good and bad in our countries, that does NOT mean I HATE a country. HATE is what is happening to innocent Surrogacy children due to deliberate lies of adults in the know. This is definitely a war of opposing ideologies. Whether to support a rich, powerful, smart adult OR a poor, exploited, resourceless child? Whether to support a LGBTI, immigrant, infertile adult OR a child of LGBTI, immigrant, Surrogacy? Whether to support LIES or TRUTH? Whether to support PAST archaic laws which divide OR FUTURE laws which include? We already helped an adult with all of the above not once but several times and supported their lies, its the children who get punished left without a birth record and passport. Now the Texas court wants to support the lies despite sworn testimony. We have learnt our lesson, may be others will learn their own lesson whether to support the lies of Niti Atre or not? Which side of the fertility war/debate are you on? The lying adult or the innocent, exploited, voiceless child? While I was languishing in India in an "IVF/Surrogacy" prison as a stateless refugee Surrogacy child due to Niti Atre's action, she lived freely in the US with my biological Surrogacy brother. My Surrogacy brother is also an in-place stateless refugee Surrogacy child for the SAME legal reasons as me and some other Surrogacy children. Should there be any consequences on Niti Atre as an adult? As far as reconciliation goes, Niti Atre wants a child at any cost including exploiting innocent children and women which we cannot support, where do you begin to reconcile? For those who want to give a child to Niti Atre, individual or system, would have to support her LIES and break the laws, are you up for it? Its easy to PREACH peace but hard to PRACTICE fertility wars.

Deleting anyone's child and denying their rights is "UGLY" but I am Beautiful since 2009 when I was born. And children like us also Count and are equal. Not one but several laws have been broken as everyone tries to fit a square peg into a round hole. Some very rich, powerful, smart people who don't want to be exposed. This causes them to financially, emotionally, mentally torture us into silence and suppress the truth. Please make a contribution to a legal defense fund to be allowed to state the truth as granted in democratic constitutions AND ensure this NEVER happens again to any child because even ONE MORE child is ONE TOO MANY.

Niti Atre is a stranger to me by her choice, she is smart, rich, powerful, soft-spoken but also cold-blooded who exploits and bullies poor, innocent, voiceless children and women for a selfish benefit - a child. In a normal world, we would be standing together against the system with unequal rights for LGBTI, immigrants and Surrogacy but by Niti Atre’s choice we are fighting the same legal issues on opposite sides with her weapon being LIES and exploitation Vs mine of TRUTH and love and sadly lost time. In the last 7 years, can Niti Atre name ONE action she has taken to show humanity and compassion to me, a biological sister of her non-biological son she claims to love? I can name a 1000+ lies and actions Niti Atre has specifically taken to exploit, abuse and torture me in order for her to have a child without following the rule of law for a non-biological parent and she needed a DECOY to suppress her lies, that decoy is a human shield, ME, a girl child left-behind in a third world country with NO legal recourse while the perpetrators safely hide in the US like David Headley, also a naturalized citizen. If there is a PETA, or MADD, will children like me only be heard if there is a PETS (People for Ethical Treatment of Surrogacy children) or do we deserve the human dignity and respect regardless? Will US only act when the time-bomb goes off where the thousands of Surrogacy children and families file divorce at the same time and the "legal paperwork" drama ensues? There will always be doubters like some folks wanting to say 9/11 was an “inside job”....same is true for Surrogacy terrorism...look at the evidence and devastation of innocent children and then decide instead of doubting and using semantics. It is me and my brother who lack proper birth certificates or passport, it's NOT a child custody issue, its a legal paperwork issue. It's us who have missed 7 birthdays, 7 Rakhis, 7 Diwalis, 7 Christmas, 7 New Years, millions of moments of hugs and kisses, some moments of fighting and so on. This is OUR issue and NOT a child custody issue. At least have the dignity to STOP using semantics and passing the buck to continue to DENY our rights. Vigilantes including lawyers and social service organizations have helped rich, powerful, infertile adults like in the baby scoop era but is a failed strategy and governments have apologized because it involves exploitation of innocent children and women. Legal precedences of effects of denials and lies : Ann Fessler, Ann Pettway, Ariel Castro, Lance Armstrong, some members of clergy, Dennis Hastert, who else should we add to this list.

Indian American Texan girl child exploited because I am born via Surrogacy

I was born on September 17, 2009 and “at the time of my birth”, my parents were married and divorced on May 18, 2010. However, I have been deleted. No one asked me if I can be deleted! As per US laws, children like me who are born via IVF/Surrogacy are considered “children born out of wedlock” and a parent without a genetic link to an IVF/Surrogacy child is NOT a “legal parent” for the child. So why is my brother, also a Surrogacy child, born like me a “child of marriage” but I am not? And what are the consequences of this on my life, my rights? Is deleting an innocent human life ever justifiable regardless of semantics and wordplay? As per letter of the laws, Niti Atre is as much a “legal mother” of a Surrogacy child in Texas as much as I am a “child of marriage” as a Texan Surrogacy child. I Count. I choose to live in a world where both humanity and laws matter and a child is a child, no semantics. I choose to believe that NO ONE messes with children in Texas or in the US or in the world. While the authorities may be more worried about setting a precedent if the case is opened, what about the precedent it has already set which is lies and breaking laws which exploits innocent children and women is OK? Divorces occur and will occur but why should it create stateless children and separate siblings and families? Is this how Texas and US plan to address the “best interest of children” in the future? I am looking for my day in court to be counted and not deleted and being able to enjoy time with my brother in a truthful and happy, non-hostile environment.

They teach me Say No To Bullying in School

If I ever were to meet Niti Atre, I would like to say the same thing to her that the Stanford rape survivor told her rapist. We must move on, what you did to me will be with me for a lifetime and you as an adult take responsibility and accountability for your actions. We move on. Sadly, we are going through this trauma and torture as I am not even given my day in court to make such a statement because no LAWS exist to prosecute such international cases, my lack of legal identity created by Niti Atre and her cronies is used against me to deny my rights, how brilliant! Niti Atre and other adults like her are being discriminated by laws based on their "birth" and in a twisted way she used the laws against my birth type. Whatever laws are against her are the same laws against me. Of all the people in this world who understand what it's like to be discriminated based on "birth", its her and instead of helping me, she used my situation against me. She was fully aware of the consequences of her actions of abandoning me and NEVER coming to India and making me stateless. Is that violating my child rights, women rights, human rights? Is Niti Atre building a family by exploiting and bullying innocent children and women?

Any names to real people are purely a coincidence and are based on the legal paperwork filed against me. Before anyone wants to suit me, they will have to identify themselves as the ones who made those statements under sworn affidavit against me, also a girl child, a woman and above all an equal human being. Niti Atre is a stranger to me by her choice. But if me or any members of my family are harassed or hurt then everyone knows who may have vested interests.

The FIRST time I met my brother (2048 days after birth)

I love my brother and I was only allowed to speak to him over Skype sparingly. Despite the language barrier, physical barrier, distance barrier, we hugged, kissed, joked, played, fought, laughed together all in one go. We lived our childhoods in a few moments. My elder brother cried because he didn’t know how to react to having siblings around. And then he would again play with us, give us piggyback rides, teach us and be a BIG brother. Both me and my younger brother look up to him. How is this BAD for him? Niti Atre is LYING and SPLITTING us for her selfish benefit without showing selfless love as a parent to my brother, a child she claims to love. We already know how she feels about me, his biological sister. Time will DECIDE if the LIES and BIGOTRY of Niti Atre and her cronies will work, not because we are related by “blood”, or via IVF/Surrogacy, but we hope our generation is understanding based on truth and love rather than lies and hate. I have NEVER celebrated my birthday with my brother or received a phone call or card or our younger brother or anyone in our family, who teaches a 5-6-7-8-9-10 year old what to do? Is it the responsibility of the primary care provider or the child? Is my brother being taught LIES and HATE or TRUTH and LOVE? Just like him, I am a child and so is my brother. It's NOT the children’s fault, but the adults who feel stealing candy from a baby is okay. Time is the best healer and as innocent children we will outlive the lying and hating adults. For the record, both me and my elder brother were born via IVF/Surrogacy during the SAME MARRIAGE even though the laws deem us to be “child born out of wedlock” while our younger brother is born from our father’s next mariage who is our “half-sibling”. Anyone who claims me and my surrogacy brother are “half-siblings” which biologically is correct but is as offensive as calling an intersex woman a “genetic male” also biologically correct. Sometimes, bigots themselves don’t know how bigoted they are, one has to allow time to pass!

Will I or anyone who speaks on my behalf be silenced OR be heard? I believe the system is good and as a proud Indian American, I have seen compassion of both Indians and Americans and both governments for which I am grateful and humbled. I do believe that Texas does not allow anyone to mess with Texan children as the motto states but some rogue individuals who are smart, rich and powerful want to cut their cake and eat it too without sharing. I believe both the systems in Texas and US are fair and equal but it takes time to deliver justice, hopefully before innocent childhoods expire. I plan to speak till I get my day in court and also help other children like me because from our perspective even one more child forced to go through this torture and trauma is one too MANY. Saved the girl child, educating the girl child, now we are just looking for an ounce of respect and dignity for a child, a woman, a human.

Tried, tested, rejected - Solving childlessness with LIES and Duress Does NOT work

Childlessness is an age old issue and taking away innocent children and siblings from a biological family using LIES and getting legal paperwork under duress has been tried, tested and rejected. In some cases, America has apologized decades later like in the baby scoop era OR passed laws like the Indian Welfare Act but nothing yet for SUrrogacy children and siblings, why? If Niti Atre and her cronies are teaching my brother to say the truth, respect all and show compassion to innocent children and women then they can begin with helping me. If they are teaching my brother to respect children of LGBTI, immigrant, Surrogacy, they can start with me and him as we fit the mould. If they are teaching him to NOT exploit innocent children and women, they can start with me. And teaching lies and hate to my brother is good how? He will still remain a child of LGBTI, immigrant, Surrogacy just like me, its our life, we cannot change that. But we can accept it and move forward with truth. And as our loving parent, Maulik Modi, and the Texas court have learned that only way for Niti Atre to have a child is for her to lie and for others to support her lies, any other takers? Deleting me is NOT the answer.

Who cares from the perspective of IVF/Surrogacy children?

  • If you care about “rule of law”, you should care.
  • Anyone regardless of gender, race, religion, caste, sexual orientation, birth type, etc should be concerned because this can happen to anyone wanting a child.
  • If you care about child rights, women rights, human rights in a civilized world.
  • If Surrogacy children were “equal” like other children then abandoning, neglecting, endangering welfare of Surrogacy children would be prosecuted equally under prevailing laws and serve as an equal deterrent for such heinous acts against innocent children.
  • If someone hurt your little daughter, would you speak up or be silenced?
  • If your spouse abused your little children, would you speak up or be silenced?
  • Should I, a girl child, a sister stay silent for the sake of my brother? Hasn’t that been going on for centuries? Besides I was already deleted and silenced once before for sake of my brother. Time for CHANGE.
  • If BlackLivesMatter, if BlueLivesMatter, Do our SurrogacyLivesMatter and its time to stand up to the bigotry and discrimination whether an individual or a system.
  • My brother has to reconcile and live with two truths. The person who he calls “mother” is the SAME person who exploited his sister and separated him from his entire biological family. The LIES that were used to get him into the US are the same LIES not allowed for his sister as per Niti Atre’s cold-blooded and selfish plan to have a child (him) at all costs. If not the blood, if not being a fellow IVF/Surrogacy child being discriminated by archaic laws, then at least we will be UNITED by truth and transparency in our generation. Niti Atre and I are fighting the same laws against LGBTI, immigrant, Surrogacy except I choose truth and love Vs. lies and hate. What will he and rest of the world choose?
  • For the same legal reasons I was stateless for 6+ years, so is my brother. How does he feel in being used to support lies and exploit him? My brother can’t get a passport and see his biological family because Niti Atre wants to to LIE, the same LIE NOT allowed for me, his sister and ALSO other Surrogacy children. Why should we be slaves to Niti Atre and her cronies’ LIES, we are humans too.
  • All things being equal as adults, both Niti Atre and Maulik Modi, had the same decision to make - to save me or delete me? We also don’t think this is a function of “genetic link” or not as several other Surrogacy parents with or without genetic link, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion have fought against the same archaic laws on behalf of their stateless Surrogacy children spending years in exile. From me, my brother and all other Surrogacy born children like us, its about respect and dignity, do Niti Atre and her cronies’ lies and actions support or exploit and abuse it?
  • As a survivor of childhood statelessness, I would like to help and join UNHCR “I Belong” campaign. As a survivor of Surrogacy/Fertility terrorism, I would like to help other Surrogacy children and children in distress. As a girl child discriminated due to birth type, I would like to help others to say the truth and move on. Secrecy and stigma are the biggest culprits, us individuals are only reacting to it.
  • Do two wrongs make a “right”? Anytime is a good time to start saying the truth as Niti Atre herself has proven by reversing some of her 1000s of lies, did the lies help or abuse me? If not for my sake or her sake at least for the sake of my brother, a child she claims to love and also a fellow IVF/Surrogacy child affected by the same archaic laws.
  • With advent of new technology, same old crimes are repeated in new ways with same disastrous effects for the survivors. Female foeticide, female infanticide, deleting a girl child are heinous crimes and I think same is also true in context of Surrogacy children, do you agree?
  • A Canadian judge tells an innocent teenager girl, a rape survivor, “why she didn’t keep her knees together?” and then later claiming ignorance and is NOW disbarred. But if adults in Texas and officers of the court LIE and DELETE a surrogacy girl child and a biological sibling, nothing happens? Asking a “Surrogacy sibling” to come to Texas while the US federal laws don’t allow her maybe ignorance for most but is it ignorance for officers of the court and adults who are IN THE KNOW or is it outright exploitation of voiceless, innocent children far AWAY in India with NO legal recourse against rich, smart, powerful adults in Texas? Have they created a hostile environment for a girl child, a sister? Are some officers of the court in Texas BIGGER than the US Constitution? As a proud Indian American and a strong Texan woman, still waiting for justice and believe in the words, “Don’t mess with Texan children”. I have been forced to accept facts that I am a child of LGBTI, immigrant, Surrogacy survivor...waiting for others to see the implications of that. I am told I can come see my IVF/Surrogacy biological brother in Texas or USA. Sorry (“110% sorry”?) and with all due respect, both him and I were brought into this lovely world via IVF/Surrogacy in India with consent of two Texan adults, where are they? And shouldn’t adults be held responsible and accountable for their actions instead of bullying innocent children for a birth certificate and passport? We are not “Blood Diamond Children” meant to be used against each other, we are living, human beings with real emotions and perhaps with equal rights.

The normal world is figuring out ways to solve some very sensitive and complex social issues of our times like LGBTI rights, immigrant issues, IVF/Surrogacy rights while Niti Atre and her cronies are choosing to lie and abuse innocent children and women of LGBTI, immigrant and Surrogacy. Are the lies and hypocrisy part of the problem or part of a solution?

Is Niti Atre using me in the Fertility War as a Child Human Shield?

They say anything is fair in love and war and if dealing with infertility is a war, we have everything here in a war. We have lies, stateless children, exploited children and women, IVF/Surrogacy prisoners of fertility war, children as human shields, forcefully separating children from biological family, hostile environment, blatant disregard for laws, violation of child rights, women rights, human rights. You name it, we have all the hallmarks of war except the this is a fertility war where an adult can neither have a child biologically nor legally due to the prevailing laws. So the solution is exploit innocent children and women with lies?

For the uninitiated, the only way a person like Niti Atre, whose legal status is of intersex, immigrant, infertile (unable to provide “genetic link” as required by laws) is for her to lie, and for someone to support her lies. Her lies have affected me deeply - including taking my truth, my liberty and my justice away. Our loving father, Maulik Modi, supported her lies out of love and compassion because that was the only way to have children and family. Much like a gay couple adopting each other years ago, to get the benefits of “family” but in reality are spouses. Except in this case, the lies are for the children. In the normal world, everyone knows that the laws are lacking for adults who are LGBTI, immigrants, and reproductive rights BUT if you were to read Niti Atre’s sworn testimony, one would walk away thinking that the real world is lying. Niti Atre and her cronies exploited the vacuum in the laws for children of LGBTI, immigrants, Surrogacy using lies to exploit innocent children and women and splitting biological siblings. Is that love or is that war?

Are LIES and HYPOCRISY of Niti Atre and her cronies BIGOTRY towards Surrogacy children?

Only way for Niti Atre to have a child is to LIE and someone to support her lies, my father already did that and the Texas court also did that, what’s the lesson? We understand the legal, social, emotional issues of Niti Atre and we were trying to help as evidenced with a marriage and two children born via IVF/Surrogacy instead of leaving her “at a time” when neither such marriages nor children like us could legally be born without lying. We know the torture and trauma of supporting her lies, the powers to be, courts, government and others can decide on their own on the result of supporting Niti Atre and her lies. We are interested in “best interest of children”, all children and NOT use semantics, wordplay to somehow call someone’s child UGLY or not COUNTING someone’s child because it is heinous. We have our own issues as IVF/Surrogacy children and an equal opportunity to be part of “all” as in truth, liberty, justice for all. If you support Niti Atre and her lies, do you also support exploitation of children and women once you get to know the facts? If you support Niti Atre and her lies, how will that help some of the big social issues of our time like LGBTI rights, immigrant rights, reproductive rights, child rights, women rights, human rights?

Follow Humanity or follow Rule of Laws - pick one, DIVIDING Siblings is not one

Whether Texas is being run as a Kangaroo court for Surrogacy children or not, get the facts and you decide. The situation created is whether to follow humanity or follow laws - pick one. For a loving parent, a child is just a child, its offensive enough the archaic laws of 20th century use language like "Surrogacy child", "Child born out of wedlock", "genetic child", "half sibling", "immigrant child", "child of two genetic males", etc to deny rights of a child but its abusive and exploitative and dehumanizing us to use it against IVF/Surrogacy siblings to DIVIDE us just to have a child at any and all costs. Like innocent children have been exploited before me based on birth type like being born as "deaf, mute, blind, autism, intersex" and so on. Heck in 21st century we don't use certain words to describe such children like we used to just a few years ago but somehow its OK to call me a "child born out of wedlock" and deny my rights as a human being and a sibling because how else do married infertile couples have "child of marriage"? Is the pain and trauma of adults in an infertile marriage less or more or equal of being childless based on whether they are infertile or fertile?

Privilege is wonderful for those who have it but is torture and trauma for those who have to be exploited to pay for it. I am "110% sorry" for fabricating a story of my childhood statelessness of being born via IVF/Surrogacy in India with consent from a Texan, American adult who NEVER wanted my child custody nor showed up to help like other Surrogacy parents. Kinda like breaking down a gas station door and then lying about it. Well, I am human too and also have emotions and should count equally if not with privilege. Whatever special interest groups are helping Niti Atre to successfully lie and break laws can also help me as I will align with their objectives assuming they support equal child rights, women rights and human rights? Niti Atre may see herself as a woman socially and my family treated her as such but laws see her based on birth type as a "genetic male" (not her fault). Similarly, I also see myself as a sister and a live human being socially but as per laws I don't exist based on my birth type and I cannot be with my brother while rendered stateless. So I understand the pain and trauma but lying and exploiting innocent children and women is not the answer. Individual accountability and responsibility for one's actions and words can go much farther. Niti Atre and we are fighting the same fight against the system which is lacking in laws for equal rights for children of LGBTI, immigrant, Surrogacy. If happy child is the goal then we choose a path of truth and love vs. lies and hate.

A subset of a 1000+ lies to use Texas court as a Kangaroo court in the wild west for Surrogacy children

Lie #1. In the last 6+ years, I have NEVER been allowed to celebrate my birthday with my brother who is with Niti Atre, he has NEVER called and wished me on my birthday or Diwali or Rakhi (sibling festival) or Christmas or New Years or other festivals. Pray, do tell, what is Niti Atre teaching my brother? We already know Niti Atre is a certified liar in courts, is she also lying to my brother within the confines of the privacy of the home and what does that do to a child? Niti Atre and others like her who have been born intersex (not their fault) have been LIED to all their lives including “medical professionals/experts” only to be proven wrong by the UNSRT calling a stop to a decades old practice. Niti Atre is an example of what happens as an adult when a child is lied to repeatedly even with the “best of intentions”.

Lie #2. Niti Atre may have gotten declared a “legal mother” in 2010 but as per prevailing laws even in 2016, if laws are followed, its not possible for others. Niti Atre is as much a “legal mother” of a Surrogacy child as much as me and my brother are “child of marriage”. We all are fighting the SAME archaic laws. Niti Atre has chosen to fight them with LIES which exploit innocent children and women while we choose to fight it with truth without exploiting innocent children and women including Niti Atre. So why the special privilege for Niti Atre? Niti Atre is smart, rich, and powerful, soft-spoken but cold-blooded who knew that only way to get a child is to lie to the courts and to save herself from perjury, she had to suppress the truth. She planned her strategy well by first placing “my order”, then using me as a human shield/bait/blackmail to force my biological parent to choose whether to save me in India or defend the truth in US courts, clearly can’t be in two places. Niti Atre knew exactly the consequences of her actions by deleting me from the divorce and not wanting my custody and NOT coming to India to help me like she did when my brother was born the same way in India. Without her presence, no one could LIE any more. And it gave her enough time to prove my father abandoned my brother in US, deleted me and so any action taken for me is not part of the “case” and on paper my brother does not have a sibling, my father has no stable job as he is busy saving a Surrogacy child in limbo like several other Surrogacy parents have done before and after him and so on.

Lie #3 : Adam Morris and Lauren Durso of Short, Carter and Morris, a reputable legal firm in Houston, Texas filed the original divorce petition and signed it. As officers of the court who are sworn to protect the US Constitution which guarantees truth, liberty and justice for ALL, did they plan to deny my rights BEFORE or AFTER they signed in a pro-life, pro-child rights state like Texas? The point is Niti Atre needed someone to file a petition for her AND support her LIES, had she never found an attorney to be complicit with her, I would have BEEN counted and saved. Adam Morris mocked that even he doesn’t have a “passport” and that’s OK but he clearly is ignorant of legal issues for Surrogacy children and families as passports is the difference between statelessness OR not for a Surrogacy child and a complete change in life for the Surrogacy parent who cares. Or making a legal argument against me that “families” are based on “genetic link” while defending Niti Atre for custody of a child who has “no genetic link” with. Despite him being a SMART lawyer, it can be ignorance in 2009 but after 7 years is it still ignorance or bigotry? Definitely not “insensitive” after 7 years, perhaps privilege like being “110% sorry” for a middle aged white male to claim robbery at gunpoint while the facts are thrashing a toilet door while being intoxicated. I would like to think human life is little bit more valuable than that and had Niti Atre NEVER found a lawyer to go along with her lies, could she have pulled off the lies and breaking the Texas laws as successfully? I do wonder what would Adam Morris do if he were in an infertile marriage? Perhaps before attacking me deeply and very personally, he should personally consult with his wife and daughter to see whether what he did to me is something they would like to be done to them? Deleting innocent girl children is NOT insensitive or ignorant or “WINNING” for their client at any and all costs, it IS exploitation of the voiceless but we don’t expect it in AMERICA and Texas, a pro-life state. As an officer of a family court in Texas, is this unbecoming in any way?

Are Adam Morris and his cronies as officers of the court have proven they are smart legal professionals but are they BIGGER than the US Constitution to protect truth, liberty and justice for ALL? Give me my day in court and then decide.

I was attacked as an infant girl child by your actions, answer me instead of silencing and continuing to attack my biological parent. It is my birth certificate and passport that I could NOT get due to Niti Atre and her cronies' actions which is a deeply personal and heinous attack on ME.

Niti Atre and cronies BULLIED and deleted me, it is ME who got denied a birth certificate AND passport, talk to me, a 6 year old girl child. My Surrogacy parent spoke up, went public to gain support and get my passport just like other Surrogacy parents have done before him for Surrogacy children. For this, Adam Morris wants to get paid over $100000+ from an immigrant parent (at the time of divorce). Is this the new way to take away an immigrant’s child away AND if an immigrant dare speaks up, lets penalize and financially torture them to SILENCE the voice of the child. Not censorship but freedom (in all sense of the word) is what we expect from Americans.

Adam Morris has since then doubled down. When my loving father made public appeals for me to get out of statelessness just like other Surrogacy parents have done in similar situations for their Surrogacy child, he used it to get an award from the court in excess of $100000 for speaking out about the case. Pray, do tell, how else was I supposed to get out of the exploitation that he and Niti Atre so heinously executed? As far as reality goes, other compassionate Americans including an ex-judge, Indians agreed and signed off on a petition for me to get my passport and it WORKED! So I and it seems thousands others agree except for some rogue officers of the court in Texas who are running a kangaroo court for Surrogacy children. What does Texas do to people who mess with Texan children?

The real question is for children of Adam Morris and child of Niti Atre who are ALSO children of MY generation, do they agree with these lies to exploit innocent children and women?

Much like during the baby scoop era where innocent children “born out of wedlock” were taken away from single biological mothers and forced to sign legal paperwork under duress, is this a 21st century twist to taking away a “child born out of wedlock” via Surrogacy by attacking a biological parent with their other Surrogacy child/sibling and forcing them to sign legal paperwork under duress? In both cases, the innocent child is given to rich, smart, powerful infertile people with help of a nexus of lawyers, social organizations, judiciary. Decades later, the government apologized for the “baby scoop era”. We would like to learn from history and instead of an apology assuming there is tolerance and respect for Surrogacy children, we would much rather prefer our innocent childhoods together as intended.

Lie #4. The 311th Harris county court in case no. 200944214 appointed an Amicus, an officer of the court, to see the “best interest of the children of the marriage”. Why was I NOT included despite being born during the marriage AND informed in writing to the officer of the court, Honorable Attorney Becky Reitz of reputable Houston law firm Gay and Reitz? In 2016 when my Surrogacy parent got back to Texas with me much like other Surrogacy parents who also have had to fight with governments for their Surrogacy children, the new court appointed Amicus, also an officer of the court, was “bound by law” to NOT consider me as a “sibling on paper” despite recognizing and sympathizing my physical being. The question is that how my brother sees it both as a fellow Surrogacy child AND a human being because it was HIS BEST INTEREST they were protecting, right or someone else’s? One of thousands effects of being DELETED. I also get NO child support but Lamar Sally, Jr. also a Surrogacy child born during a divorce does - its not about the money but the fact to be RECOGNIZED as a hman being and be accounted for.

Lie #5 : Niti Atre solicited the help of Daya, a social service organization whose objectives claim to help women and children of South Asian origin. I am South Asian, I am a girl child, I need your help, will you please help me? And if Niti Atre LIED to you also and manipulated you, will you come forward with the truth? Don’t you think its about time to have Surrogacy child trauma center so we can start solving all issues of the 21st century?

Lie #6 : Our father came back for me in India, he saved and rescued me, then he went back again to the US for my brother and fought for him following the “process” in a hostile environment. Thats what family does. Did Niti Atre come for me, a child she “ordered” just like my brother who also she had “ordered” but did show up for him. Niti Atre asked for a property in India in the divorce but NOT for me, also in India - so is my “value” less than a property in India? Is that what my brother thinks and feels or is he being lied to and raised with hate against his own biological family and siblings?

Lie #7. In the baby scoop era in several western nations including the US, innocent children were taken away from their “out of wedlock” single biological mothers by forcing them to sign legal paperwork under duress and giving the child away to rich, smart, powerful infertile couples of the time with help of courts and social organizations to make it look all kosher. The US government and several others have since apologized for this. How is that different than what Niti Atre and her cronies have done by attacking a biological parent, my father, to either save a “child born out of wedlock” via Surrogacy in India OR defend the truth in US courts for my brother, also born via Surrogacy in India and forced him into submission to sign off on legal paperwork under duress? As Surrogacy children, we would much rather have our innocent childhoods together and our dignity than an apology decades later.

Lie #8. In the infamous Scottsboro Boys case in 1930s during a heightened racially divisive time in America, innocent black teenagers were sentenced to death for raping a white girl with no due process, multiple judicial and prosecutorial irregularities, and based on DNA evidence they were finally leading to an apology from the State of Alabama 70 years later when neither of them are alive (several were killed by the State on death row) nor are any of their parents who pleaded for their innocence. Are the same tenets of injustice being repeated in 2000s for innocent Surrogacy children? We also have DNA evidence to prove our innocence but no one wants to listen.

Lie #9. The US laws ask for a DNA test for IVF/Surrogacy children when issuing passports because the law requires a “genetic link” between the US Citizen parent and child. Niti Atre who admitted in court in 2016 having “no genetic link” with my brother asked for a US Passport for him which neither Texas court has jurisdiction over NOR does it follow US laws. We made two requests for DNA tests a per US government’s precedent in SUrrogacy cases but were DENIED. Whose best interest is being served? And can Texas issue a US Passport to my brother? And will the US federal government break its own laws which it has strictly enforced for other Surrogacy children including me, his sister? Is this the Selma, Alabama situation where a state wants to blatantly violate federal laws and is a party to separating families and siblings much like in Selma there was segregation despite a federal law prohibiting it?

Lie #10. No one asked me if I can be DELETED or NOT be accounted for. If filing divorce allows the courts to be impartial and come into your bedroom, we welcome the courts to come to our nursery of an intersex, immigrant, Surrogacy family. Deleting a girl child or “honor killing” is heard of in other parts of the world in South Asia where I was born and where Niti Atre is from but in America we expect different when someone DELETES a girl child for their “honor” of needing a child, my sibling.

Lie #11. In some parts of the world, there are NO celebrations when a girl child is born or there is abandonment of girl child and an atmosphere of despair, trauma, disdain. When I was born, Niti Atre made sure there were NO celebrations, complete torture and trauma as she made me stateless by birth due to her actions and there was complete uncertainty. Niti Atre took my brother to visit other infant girls BUT NOT me, his own biological sister born the same way via Surrogacy, the only way a Surrogacy family can provide a sibling. Niti Atre bought a BMW car in less than a month after I was born - to each their own but is that a sign of a person who is celebrating OR someone mourning a loss of a girl child? Niti Atre told me via a sworn court affidavit she NEVER wanted my child custody and NEVER came to India to help like she did for my brother also born the same way. Is that what she tells my brother or LIES to him?

Lie #12. Once I was conceived in January 2009, Niti Atre's family started planning her youngest sister’s wedding for November 2009. My due date was October 2009. In the culture of elaborate "My BIG fat Indian weddings", how is a sibling supposed to attend a sister's wedding with a 1 month new born infant? Unless it was "pre-determined" I would NOT be part of their lives by then? For the uninitiated, there are thousands of couples who come to India for IVF/Surrogacy, and they know that the time it takes to get the "legal paperwork" done for a Surrogacy child is immense and sometimes lengthy, attending a wedding or sightseeing is the least of the concerns, a healthy baby is what’s on their minds.

Lie #13: Recently in Andhra Pradesh India, a mother - daughter combo attacked a 7 month term pregnant mother with acid because an astrologer predicted a “second girl child”. I was also attacked by a mother-daughter combo of Purnima Atre and Niti Atre when I was 7 months term pregnant in a Surrogate’s womb in Andhra Pradesh, India and I am also the “second child”. I can see that Purnima Atre, a respected teacher, wanted to help her infertile child, Niti Atre to have a child at any and all costs. But I am ALSO someone’s daughter, a child, a woman, a human. Pray do tell, what lesson is Purnima Atre, a grandparent trying to teach me?

Lie #14: Purnima Atre, Niti Atre’s mother, who knew about her child’s condition since birth especially with a sibling with same condition and also a OBGYN doctor as a subject matter expert. In April 2009, Purnima Atre, Niti Atre's mother, signed a Surrogacy contract for me stating she would take custody of me in case of divorce. When her child, Niti Atre filed a divorce in July 2009, neither Niti Atre nor Purnima Atre came to take my custody and instead both with actions and in words have clearly stated they NEVER wanted my custody then why the DRAMA of placing an “order” for my birth in this beautiful world - to be used as bait? Responsibility and Accountability.

Lie #15. Niti Atre and her cronies call me "half-sibling" or stating "family" is based on "genetic link" suggesting that the compassionate Americans who opened their doors for me are not “family”. They have a right to their opinion but Niti Atre who has NO GENETIC LINK with my brother, what moral, ethical, legal rights does she have to call him “family” given her own hypocrisy? Or is it fit a square peg into a round hole AT ALL COSTS? For the uninitiated, an IVF/Surrogacy family knows beforehand that only one of the parents will ever have a "genetic link" and only way to have siblings is to repeat the process. We are OK with it, are others? Or are they projecting their insecurities on to us? I am still a child regardless of insensitive and archaic semantics.

Lie #16. Abandoning, neglecting, endangering welfare of a child are crimes, perhaps someone can explain what is it from the perspective of the child (like me) when an adult (Intended Parent) in the US gives consent for my birth in India via Surrogacy due to their infertility and NEVER shows up and also does NOT help me get my legal paperwork and welfare in order (like other Surrogacy parents have by peacefully petitioning governments and others) leaving me stateless and separated from my biological brother in US they kept back. I wait for my turn to be treated as an equal.

Lie #17. If Texas in 2010 voided a marriage due to "two genetic males" by birth not allowed to be married in Texas only to rescind it 5 years later, similarly, we are neither opposed to intersex marriage or divorce but why can't the Texas court account for ALL the parties of an intersex marriage/divorce? I patiently wait for my day in court.

Lie #18. California court gave custody of children and siblings to a French biological father because of US Immigration laws and did NOT want to split them but in Texas, its different. An immigrant biological parent, Maulik Modi, living in Texas is attacked using his own daughter (me) in India as bait who could NOT come to the US due to US Immigration laws to get legal paperwork signed under duress to give up his biological son (my brother) in Texas while deleting me. Instead of recognizing the shortcomings in the laws like the California court did or the Pennssylvania court did, Texas court is different OR being forced to act like a Kangaroo court by a few rogue and powerful individuals?

Lie #19. A petition was filed in 311th Harris County Texas court informing the Honorable court of my existence as a “child of the marriage” and allowing my brother to visit me, his biological sister, as US laws did not allow the SAME lies for me as a Surrogacy child of an immigrant as they did for him, also a Surrogacy child of an immigrant. The request was DENIED and along with that violating several other laws because my brother was an Indian citizen wanting to go to India and denying that meant rejecting his human rights as per Universal Declaration of Human rights. As per US laws, in case of Surrogacy children and families, issues should be handled sensitively and timely to UNITE us whereas we got DIVIDED unless “genetically linked” people are NOT families? The littany of lies goes on…..Whoever is protecting and helping Niti Atre successfully break the laws needs to address what is the “best interest of children”?

Lie # 20. The US did not allow immigration of same-sex spouses till 2013. Families in love have had to wait years and some decades simply for being who they are. While Niti Atre, “a genetic male” by birth as recognized by laws got her US green card as an immigrant spouse of a genetic male years before 2013. Why the special privilege because someone lies? And what about the others who had to wait it out for being honest? What should we teach future generation - lies and hypocrisy or truth and love, You Decide.

Lie #21. There are cases where intersex adults have had to fight their own families and government and sometimes go to court for being who they are and get a Sex Reassignmet surgery (SRS). Niti Atre did SRS during a marriage in 2002 (where were her parents, typical caregivers in such cases?) and the doctors lied for her by issuing false medical record and frauding the insurance as such surgeries “at the time” (like I was denied entry to the US citing “at the time of my birth”) were not covered. Today even the US Military is helping people even though being in custody like Pfc Bradley. Or an intersex woman committed suicide after having the same intersex surgery because her family rejected her, Niti Atre did not have to deal with that because her LIES were supported and now she wants to use those lies to exploit innocent children and women? Its time to break the cycle of lying.

Lie #22. Texas did not issue birth certificates for children born to two genetic males until 2015 and still all counties within Texas may not be fully compliant. Can you imagine what happens in India to a Surrogacy child born to two genetic males, a conservative country? Like other Surrogacy parents, Niti Atre could have come to India and help an innocent child she consented to. Instead of me getting paraded and asked a thousand times by authorities, Niti Atre could have SHOWN UP like others. Did Niti Atre knowingly use my birth type situation against me or to help me? She also is an expert as she already has done the entire process before, for my own biological brother, and knows exactly the "nuances" with Surrogacy children.

Lie #23. A Pennsylvania Court holds an adult, Sherri Shepherd responsible and accountable for the welfare of a child born via IVF/Surrogacy born during a divorce. While I, also a child born via IVF/Surrogacy during a divorce get deleted and my biological brother, born the exact same way, taken away from me and NO consequences on Niti Atre, the abandoning adult but is rewarded for her lies.

Lie #24. As per Texas's own laws "at the time of divorce", two genetic males could not be married, so how does an intersex couple have a “child of marriage” as per laws unless lying? Niti Atre did not have to go through the humiliating experience that Nikki Araguz and I did because I was put through the same burner as a Surrogacy child of LGBTI - the inhumane laws are same for adults and children of LGBTI. I respect Nikki and others like her to have the courage to say the truth and NOT exploit others. I patiently wait my turn.

Lie #25. Texas laws require a validated gestational agreement for IVF/Surrogacy children which Niti Atre does not have. But its OK to be privileged.

Lie #26. As per US laws, Surrogacy children like me and my brother are considered as "child born out of wedlock" - so how do infertile married couples have a "child of marriage"? I patiently wait for my turn to be treated equally where either both me and my brother are “child of marriage” OR “child born out of wedlock”. Selective application of the law is abusing us not just as brother and sister BUT also as individuals born via IVF/Surrogacy like thousands of other innocent children.

Lie #27. When Niti Atre did NOT show up in India for my birth, she also DID NOT pay her fair share of the commercial surrogate woman. Commercial Surrogacy is already controversial and accused of exploitation of women, did Niti Atre take it to a NEWER level? How does a poor woman in India get her rights from a rich, smart, powerful adult in America? The US government holds other Indian Americans responsible and accountable for exploiting women with lower wages but not in case of Niti Atre for exploiting a commercial Surrogate for not paying?

Lie #28. Other infertile US citizen females have been DENIED to be recognized as a "legal mother" of a child born via IVF/Surrogacy but not if you are Niti Atre, an immigrant. Why does Niti Atre deserve special privileges which fellow infertile American women and Surrogacy girl child like me don't have? Texas also denied “parental rights” to two genetic males 5 years AFTER this case but not for Niti Atre. I patiently wait for my turn to be treated equally.

Lie #29. The 311th Harris county court where the lies occurred in case no. 200944214, a sitting judge had to resign due to judicial irregularities - the same time period when I was DENIED by the same court. Other judicial orders of the court with this judge are still being reviewed but NOT this case. Why the special privilege? Some judicial scholars may argue the “precedent” of reopening a case may set BUT what about the precedent it has already set where blatant lying, no respect for laws and exploiting innocent Texan children and women is OK?

Lie #30. While other "foreign" Surrogacy parents who go to India to have a child respect the local laws and file lawsuit in India to get rights of their IVF/Surrogacy child, Niti Atre does the opposite. For a case filed in India in 2012 for IVF/Surrogacy children born in India and for Indian citizen children, Niti Atre, an Indian citizen at the time but living (or hiding) in the US submitted to the jurisdiction of the Indian court but later filed a case in the US asking for the same prayers and placing the innocent children, brother and sister both in legal limbo AND separating them. Is Niti Atre good for "Surrogacy born children" or exploiting and abusing us for selfish motive? Is she following the "rules of the game" in good spirit like other international Surrogacy parents?

Lie #31. The only way and even in 2016, a person with a legal status of intersex, immigrant, infertile (not able to provide "genetic link") can have a child is to LIE and someone to support their lies including breaking the laws. Out of love and humanity, we supported Niti Atre's lies and the result is open for everyone to decide. If anyone else (individual or government) want to support Niti Atre's lies, do it at your own risk. I choose to live in a world where both truth and humanity matter. What is Niti Atre telling ad raising my brother - truth or lies? Niti Atre as an intersex adult knows fully well the effects of LIES on an innocent child even if done with "best of intentions".

Lie #32. Niti Atre knowingly used a false and fraudulent birth certificate for my brother born out of IVF/Surrogacy in India to get US Citizenship while his biological sister born the same way under the same laws, ME, was left stateless and languishing in India and unable to get the SAME rights and NOT being allowed the SAME LIES on birth certificate. Also, another IVF/Surrogacy child born in India had their US Passport annulled once information was uncovered that it was obtained by a US Citizen parent using false documents and had "no genetic link" as required by laws. Why the special privilege for Niti Atre that other fellow "Surrogacy children and families" don't have? I patiently wait for my turn to be treated equally.

Lie #33. Even after years and decades, adults like Ann Pettway and Sandy Hatte or so many other adults knowingly use a false and fraudulent birth certificate for a child, its a crime and they are held responsible and accountable. But if you are Niti Atre, no consequences for the same crime, why the special privilege and in doing so does it abuse or help innocent children?

Lie #34. US President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped a biological father in US be united with his son in Brazil after 5 years living with his biological maternal grandparents. But will NOT help me or my brother or our biological US citizen father the same way to unite siblings and family? US Attorney General Janet Reno helped Elian Gonzalez be united with his biological father in Cuba. Lexi, a child in California, was united with her biological relatives in Utah after several years but not me and my brother and we are NOT relatives, we are immediate brothers and sister - real siblings like ALL other siblings. Not “half-siblings” because in Surrogacy cases, its pre-known siblings will be “half-siblings” and for the same token Niti Atre is born a “genetic male” and born infertile but its NOT used against her, then why me? Are we trying to prove that Niti Atre's 21st century style strategy of attacking a biological parent and his Surrogacy born children which exploits innocent children and women is valid?

Lie #35. There is BIG immigration debate in the US currently and somehow we have also been forced to become part of it due to consequences of Niti Atre's actions and lies. Given what Niti Atre was able to achieve with her lies, she has ALSO provided a solution for the innocent children DREAMers brought to the US illegally by their adult parents. Just like Niti Atre used a false birth certificate and is deemed a "minor error" or "minor issue", all 4 million+ innocent children should be issued a FRESH new birth certificate in the US pretending they were born in the US and thus automatically qualify for US citizenship and passport. Everyone knows its a lie but we will call it a "minor error" as me and my brother have been treated inhumanely to give privileges to Niti Atre, a rich, smart, powerful adult.

Lie #36. Ironically, Houston where Niti Atre and my brother live, did NOT pass the "bathroom bill" and denies basic rights of LGBTI adults. Our family allowed Niti Atre to use any bathroom in the confines of the home and gave her far more respect and rights than laws did, me and my brother are living proof. Where is the respect for children of LGBTI born via Surrogacy and I have living proof having spent 6+ years in statelessness and away from my brother? As per HRW, in 2015 and 2016 alone, there have been more than 400 bills proposed which are anti-LGBTI but if you listen to Niti Atre’s sworn testimony in Texas court in 2016, one would walk away with the impression there are NO legal issues for LGBTI adults or children of LGBTI. Is Niti Atre helping the cause of LGBTI ecosystem or hurting by lying? And are the lies hurting my brother?

Lie #37: Ariel Castro was a good parent but imprisoned others’ daughters, his own children’s friends, exploited them, abused them, raped them, had a child with them all within the confines of his own home. I was also put in an “IVF/Surrogacy prison” of statelessness, I am also someone’s daughter, Niti Atre knows my brother, I have been exploited, abused, kept away from America and my brother. But nothing happens to Niti Atre, why the special privilege?

Lie #38. There are thousands of foreign Surrogacy born children in the US. Will the US ONLY act if a time-bomb goes off where all such foreign born Surrogacy children are part of a divorce at the same time and their legal paperwork needs to be addressed? Even one more child is TOO MANY in my humble opinion.

Lie #39. While I was languishing in India as a stateless child and separated from my biological brother, Niti Atre was enjoying time with my brother and climbing the corporate ladder with a top US bank making it to be Vice President - perhaps a position earned via hard work. If Niti Atre believes in equal pay for equal work (I do) for women, does Niti Atre also believe in equal parenting, equal siblingry, equal family time?

Lie #40. Niti Atre claimed she had removal of ovaries surgery in 2009-10 under oath in court and then stated she was born with no ovaries in court in 2016. Niti Atre claimed she breastfed my brother and thus developing a “bond” and evoke sympathy and stated under oath in court in 2016 that she NEVER breastfed. If breastfeeding helped Niti Atre make a “bond” with my brother as stated in 2009 under oath to court but NEVER breastfed as stated to court under oath in 2016, is the “bond” real or lies? As a child discriminated based on my birth type, I have sympathy for Niti Atre but have her LIES helped or abused us Surrogacy children? No one is against LGBTI having children via Surrogacy, we are against exploiting innocent children and women. No one is against breastfeeding but we are against starving infants when there is lack of milk. Lot of mothers who give birth, or adoptive mothers, or mothers to Surrogacy born children, or adults who socially identify as males but biologically have given birth, or gay fathers have difficulty with breastfeeding as there is lack of milk but they do not abuse and starve infants. As much as breastfeeding is about a “bond”, it is also about feeding an infant and if there is NO milk, one cannot breastfeed no matter how strong the “bond” is because an infant is starving and incessantly crying which is abuse. Should laws and social circumstances change with times like child of two genetic males, child of single father and so a parent MAY NOT be able to breastfeed but can still have a "bond"?

Looking Ahead - Future and Moving on

For the same reasons, the US government helped the victims and survivors of Abu Ghraib in Iraq and those of Robert Bale in Afghanistan, the US government has a moral, ethical and a credibility responsibility to act instead of pandering to words like "contact a lawyer in the US to get justice". I have heard of exploitation and violation of child rights, women rights, human rights but when it happens in America, I expect a different response. A response of ability to confront the truth and hold adults responsible and accountable and not a constant denials and a witch-hunt. This is an expectation but reality is different. Ask the survivors of child abuse at hands of Catholic Church, a powerful institution who were met with denials for decades but eventually persevered. Ask competitors of Lance Armstrong with incessant denials and lies eventually being held responsible and taking away the medals he won by lying. Ask the survivors of Salem witch-hunt, women suffrage, civil rights, gay rights, and other social evolutions, the trajectory is similar, first denials, threats, more abuse, then acceptance and eventually some equality. I am waiting for my equality and of other children born like me including my brother. Yes, while I was abandoned and made stateless in India and hence our biological parent was attacked by using me as bait, my biological brother also born exactly the same way was kept in the US and we are DIVIDED. I fully respect and recognize the inhumane laws and rights for the mother - daughter as an infertile adult BUT I was here to help. And as an individual human being also deserve my human rights, my child rights, my woman rights if not EQUAL. As far as the laws go, the laws for all IVF/Surrogacy children born outside the US are SAME and EQUAL meaning whatever laws STOPPED me from coming to the US for 6+ years while wallowing in statelessness are the SAME laws affecting my brother. Why DIVIDE when you can UNITE? Why allow lies when truth can help us and others?

When the unthinkable happens, people are first in DENIAL, then use semantics try to justify and someday will ACCEPT the problem and eventually lead to a solution. When dealing with social issues, this often takes time, months, years, decades and sometimes centuries. Women all over the world are still fighting the effects of a patriarchial society over centuries. But does that mean a woman should be exploited to help another woman? My family helped in empowering and respecting women, first in private by helping an intersex, infertile woman, also a daughter and sister and now forced to do so publicly for an abandoned, stateless girl child, also a daughter and a sister. The tenets of empowering and respecting women despite the inhumane laws have NOT changed, what has changed is private Vs. public dialogue. Even in 2016, the ONLY way an intersex, immigrant, infertile can have a child via IVF/Surrogacy is for them to LIE and someone else to support the LIES. As the government says, "minor lies" on a birth certificate or a passport. But I was not allowed the same "minor lies" and made to suffer and be exploited. With all due respect to the powers to be, its NOT A "minor LIES" to me or they say "minor error". Accept the facts, only way some people can have children legally is BY LYING but we do NOT use those SAME LIES against innocent children to exploit them but instead help them.

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Sep 15, 2016
Sep 15, 2016

Deleting anyone's child and denying their rights is "UGLY" but I am Beautiful since 2009 when I was born.

Sep 18, 2016
Sep 18, 2016

Very sad and disheartening story. Why don't you approach the appropriate embassy for the child's custody?

Sep 18, 2016
Sep 18, 2016

Thanks Ghamoura for reading and commenting. Have contacted the "Embassy" and perhaps should publicize the letter received. As per US laws, innocent children born like me and my brother via IVF/Surrogacy are considered "child born out of wedlock", so pray do tell how does an infertile married couple ever have a "surrogacy child of a marriage"? Even if we get past this archaic and offensive language, why NOT treat both me and my brother like other Surrogacy children EQUALLY which is either we are ALL "child born out fo wedlock" or "child of marriage"? Its this selective application of the law which is a problem and thus DIVIDING us siblings and making us stateless, in-place refugees.

This is NOT a child custody issue. This is a legal paperwork issue as legal identity documents like birth certificate, passport, legal identity, etc are given by government as per laws. Just like the refugee children fleeing ISIS or the refugee children in Naoru or the millions of innocent children (DREAMers) in the US who cannot get a legal identity and legal paperwork.

Surrogacy is new and while folks are busy figuring out "laws" for adults, some innocent children like us are left by the wayside and deleted. But we COUNT and do not deserve to be deleted. Change takes time.

All I am looking for is a person in authority who cares about child rights, women rights, human rights to help. I will find them someday.

I appreciate your time and willingness to listen. - First step to wards some solution, whatever it may be.

- I am Beautiful (on behalf of millions of innocent children like me) since when I was born despite the ugliness experienced.