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About Me

I am Ibtissam from a small city in the North of Morocco ( Alhoceima) I was born there and I lived there till the age of 13 years old then I moved with my parents to a bigger city where I have studied till I got my high school diplomat then I moved to the biggest city in Morocco( Casablanca) in order to further my studies in English language and Literature I have studied 4 years there..then moved again to the capital of Morocco to further my Masters studies in Communication. I started teaching English as a foreign language,then Arabic for non native speakers. I got a Fulbright scholarship to teach and study in the US. It's one of the most fruitful experiences for me. I have discovered another culture and at the same time I have improved my skills in intercultural communication. Also, I love writing and I write articles and short stories about social issues in general.

My Vision

by helping each other the future will be brighter


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