TV invasion

Posted October 25, 2011 from Morocco

"Shut up! I want to listen to that debate in that Chanel"..everyone is quite, everyone is watching the great debate.After a while there is an advertising break. The father changes to his favorite News channel saying:" Oh NO! I have missed the 9:00 pm news' The mother says:" That's OK after the end of the debate we can watch the 10:00pm news on your channel". The advertising break is over, we go back to watch to debate. SHHHHHHT! Everyone is quite again, noone is allowed to speak until the end of the program. The daughter says :" that was an interesting debate!". In a hurry the father takes the remote contro and change to the News channel and he was really happy to find out that the 10:00pm news did not start yet. In about 2 minutes the news start and the father says: "SHHHHHHHHHT!". Again everyone is quite watching the news. After the end of the news the son remembered his favourite program on his favourite channel But his sister complained about that saying that she was waiting to watch one of her best programs since a week. They started arguiing about that for a while then the father interrupted them saying:" you should go to bed right now because it's 11:00pm and tomorrow you have school"...That's the end of the day..We spend a lot of hours concetrated on that "TV" and we do not remember each other until there is an advertising break and sometimes even the advertising breaks attract our attention. This is how a lot of people live in their homes..With the 200 channels or more we became aware of what is happening in Lebanon, Greece, China...etc but we are not aware of what is happening to those living in our homes..This is really sad to be really interested to know about everything that is happening in the globe but forgetting about those who are the closest to us...Everyday we move from one silence to another one..Everyday we become more strangers to each other..Because of all these channels that invaded our homes the intimate conversations that we used to have between family members started to after day we move away from each after day our conversations is heavily reduced to " Hi" and " good night" and maybe even these two words will disappear in the few coming years so that our life will become mute.

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Oct 26, 2011
Oct 26, 2011

Excellent observations. We have become an increasingly technology-oriented society.