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Looking for supporters and volunteers for our digital empowerment program

Iffat Gill
Posted March 26, 2015 from Pakistan
Expired on May 24, 2015

For the past few months, I have been working on launching my digital literacy program in Pakistan to bring digital empowerment to girls and women. A lot have happened since and I sit down to share this exciting development with my World Pulse sisters.

We are partnering with Zephaniah Free Education and Sister Zeph to implement our training program for 'Emerging Digital Youth Leaders'!!! The original plan was to travel to Pakistan and do this in person but the temporary hurdles are not going to stop us from realizing our dream to bring more women and girls into tech! Initially, we are hoping to train 14 school girls. We will introduce them to using the computer, Internet and educational platforms to advance their knowledge and explore learning possibilites.

I would like to invite you to get in touch with me or Sister Zeph if you would like to volunteer and get involved with this initiaitive.

We are looking for people who have experience in fundraising, designing training curiculum, teaching online, making illustrations and doing research. You can get in touch with me directly through [email protected] or send me a message through World Pulse platfrom.



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Yvette Warren
Apr 21, 2015
Apr 21, 2015

What a wonderful partnership, Iffat. Sister Zeph is one of my closest WP sisters.

I am working on a way to have other non-profit agencies act as fiscal partners for emerging agencies. This should help the emerging agencies to bring in funds.

Jayne Cravens
Sep 23, 2015
Sep 23, 2015

If this is still happening, I encourage you to post about this volunteering opportunity to the United Nations' Online Volunteering service, which is managed by the UN Volunteer program. 

You might want to contact women's studies programs at various universities, particularly those you have a connection with. I am absolutely happy to let the program at Pacific University here in Forest Grove, Oregon know about your program and your volunteering opportunities. 

And I might be interested in volunteering myself - I've done a lot of online mentoring, and I'm very interested in digital literacy/digital empowerment.