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About Me

I am basically a professional journalist with a bias for gender issues having presented and produced programmes pertaining to and relating to women for close to 6 years. I started out as a reporter 11years ago but have metamorphosed into a focused Newscaster/Presenter with strong skills in Production. The issues relating to women drew my attention in 2006 while working with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the experience has given rise to a number of platforms where women issues have received utmost attention. Women health issues have received various attention through our "Health and Wellness" Seminars organized quarterly to give room for interaction with medical personnel, there is the Woman of Substance TV Programme that celebrates womanhood in all ramification. The "Yes I Can" programme is targeted at young girls in secondary schools where they receive counseling on various life issues. We also organize other events to cater to the needs of local women in various communities in Lagos. For me its about the woman. Volunteering, Teaching, Mentoring Ignorance, apathy and Funds Reporting, Writing and Strategic planning

My Vision

Basic Amenities, Gender equality, Peace and Justice for women all over