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Stella Uzochukwu-Denis
Posted June 30, 2020 from Nigeria
Apps Judging
The Apps developed is checked for performance by the judges
The orientation for the program kick off
The orientation for the program kick off: Launch of Empower Her program in Federal Government college Buwari Abuja (1/2)

I work with girls especially in the range of ages 10-18 who developed  mobile app during this pandemic to solve community problem the  Apps for Good that were created  by these girls ranged from solving issues bordering  around the SDGs which addressed problems ranging from climate change, to medical access for COVID-19, educational access and GBV , these girls understand that problem solver can change the world. They  work in groups  of 3  to 5 per team ,with over a hundred teams across various public secondary schools in Nigeria  bent on coming up with solutions to several challenges  around them. They go through  Ideation, Design thinking, Develop mobile Apps,  business  plan and pitch their solution to prospective companies who would be willing to partner  with them to launch these Apps in the play store or App store.

The pandemic  caught up with us at the middle of the project and most of the girls we work with are girls from the underserved communities and do not have a smart phone talk more of having internet for our online WhatsApp  classes so we could finish up the app and submit as most of the girls were also pushing out their solution to a competition called Technovation. Amid a global pandemic, we were bent on working with these girls to the finish line, so for the few we could provide, we lent them laptops, mobile phones and provided data for them to work from home and we achieved a 32% success as we had very limited gadget which was distributed to the girls .Getting to the finishing line was underscored by their Empathy, bravery, and resilience.

One of the mobile Application created was to reduce the negative impact of climate action and ocean acidification thereby approaching mainly sustainable development goal (SDG) 13 which aimed at encouraging reforestation. Climate change is one of the most challenging problems that humanity has ever faced. At stake are hundreds of millions of lives, innumerable species and ecosystems, the health and viability of the economy, and the future habitability of our planet. Fortunately, climate change is solvable. and the App that was created by these girls help to solve. that challenge , one the feature  of the app is to take records of trees planted in the country when the picture is taken it gives the longitude and Latitude of the place where the tree was planted and they can monitor the growth of the plant  the girls joined to celebrate the world climate change day on the 21st of June and tested their app by collaborating with the Abuja city shapers to plant  5,000 trees.

Our Goal is to bridge the gap between girls/women in technology, to  promote creativity, innovation, technology literacy,  equip young girl’s with technology skills to become Techpreneurs and leaders. Our program provide mentorship for young girls/women, bridges the gap between girls/women in technology promote creativity, innovation, technology literacy.Our 'EMPOWER HER' Project, is  teaching young girls from marginalized communities employable digital skills such as mobile app building, website development, graphics, video editing, animation, e.t.c. We maintain them as adhoc  staffs of the organization linking them up with our partners that have projects in their line of expertise. We are currently running an online class to teach 100  girls languages like Java, Java script so they can develop content in Virtual  and Augmented  Realities on Unity. The VR/AR content is to help the girls develop content for an immersive experience during learning , they would develop content on their class work to help better understanding . It is a six weeks course but most of the girls are without the access  needed to participate in this classes.Donations to help provide internet, softwares , computers used or new, laptops hand held devices , VR headset , Venues for our program and providing refreshment for the girls.Volunteers, mentors from anywhere around the world who believe in our vision and goals that are willing to help our nation become  a knowledge- based economy. Empowering Her project has proven that the girls can also help to drive the economy.

Our program has equipped over 5,000 girls and Women The girls who have obtained digital skills, has  improved their self-esteem and confidence. It has also kept these girls away from indulging in any form of juvenile delinquency. The project have gainfully engaged these girls, thereby preventing them from being victims of early marriage.We have had some well-meaning individuals that reached out to us to support the project. The impact has been direct and indirect on the girls directly and on the community and more girls  than the number that we work with as they also mandated to work with girls in their neighbourhood, have pledged to be ambassadors .

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Jun 30
Jun 30

Hello Beautiful Sister ,
How are you doing today?
Trust you are fine ?
Thank you for sharing.
Please stay safe .

Thank you so much sis. am fine and you
thanks and you too

Jun 30
Jun 30

Iam good .,you are welcome Sister .

Hello, Stella,

Welcome back on World Pulse! How are you doing?

Wow, this project is really promising! I like how you train the girls' mindset: "these girls understand that problem solver can change the world."

Kudos to you for the Climate Change App! Congratulations on training 5,000 girls. The future looks bright for Nigeria with these girls. Thanks to you!

Please keep writing to update us. Please stay safe, too!

Hello Karen
Thank you so much, I would try to post my updates.
I will, Stay safe too.

You're welcome, sister!

Jul 23
Jul 23

Amazing work.

Thank you so much , I appreciate.

Natalie Campion
Jul 26
Jul 26

A very inspiring project! I am a Business English Coach for female change-makers and I would be happy to connect :)

Thank you so much i would love we also connect, and right away!!