My Voice , Our Equal future

Stella Uzochukwu-Denis
Posted October 15, 2020 from Nigeria
A Demonstration of how a ballon. can be pierced both sides without loss of air
Making of Boat
Making of Boat: Demonstrating buoyancy and how weight can be balanced in a both to ensure it does not sink. (1/5)

This  year 2020 International Day of the girl Child theme My voice , our equal future we celebrated with the world in one of the rural communities in Abuja Nigeria , Some of the girls I worked. with walked up to me and said "Ma I would have been worth nothing and without direction, not sure what the future holds for me but for your mentorship". And I was taken aback by their words, so during our discussion she said we would want to make a request , and I asked what was it and they said, "Can you take time to come to our community and talk  to some of the girls, and I asked why? And they said most of them have become pregnant during COVID-19 stay at home, and we are sure some would get married and would never go back to school, but what if you come it might change a lot of things. So I planned with my team to go to their community on the 10th of October to celebrate the Girl Child and we informed the community leader of that area and we invited parent but only few mothers showed up. There was a need to get all stake holders involved so you are sure they would also be on the look out to encourage the girls.

We told the girls how they were Hero's and had Girl Power.  We  showed them a compilation  of the achievement of some. of the girls who also live in that community and had travelled out of the country to represent Nigeria in various STEM (Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics ) and after the short watch some of the girl where Challenged and they began asking questions and where ready to learn immediately . We also had a STEM activity conner where we turned bananas to musical instrument and we had another conner where we showed how ballons  can be pierced  without a burst , we had the boat on water demonstrating buoyancy  and the girls participated in all the activities and they blown away , some of them have signed up for the programs .  We had about 120 girls in attendance .

This story was submitted in response to World Pulse Digital Ambassadors.

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Jill Langhus
Oct 16
Oct 16

Hello Dear Stella,

What an amazing update from you. Thanks so much for sharing your impact and event. That's an amazing quote!

Please keep up the great work!

Hello Jill,
Thank you for your kind words i am appreciative.

Jill Langhus
Oct 17
Oct 17

You're welcome, dear. XX

Nini Mappo
Oct 17
Oct 17

Hello Stellar,
It's great to read your story on advocacy and girl empowerment. May every girl you meet see her worth and value through your voice, and recognise that they are heroes with so much potential. Good on you. I enjoyed the projects demonstrations too:)

Hello Nini,
Thank you so much , Amen thank you so much for your kind thought and work. Well done too my dear.

Gbemisola Boyede
Oct 18
Oct 18

Well done Stella....thank you for empowering our girls in Nigeria. Great job!

Hey Gbemi,
Thank you so much we are in this together , well done too.