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About Me

I am a purpose driven woman. Passionate about the things i believe in and a goal-getter. In my world there is no such word as impossibility! for i am a firm believer that where there is a WILL, there is a WAY! I seek the happiness and stability of others by doing the things that will pull them out of their seemingly limiting conditions to a hopeful new beginning. I have bounced back to life after 2 years of depression following an auto-crash that left me on a wheelchair since 2010 by thriving daily to keep my dreams alive. This is what i in turn wish to pass on to others- resilience, courage,hope and self-worth.

My Vision

My vision is to begin the "Project WOW" (Will On Wheels) a foundation that cousels and givrs hope to people who have been scared by life.




I am resourceful, an adent reader and writer. I am an encourager. After my suicide attempt I took it upon my self to talk others out of it.


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