Voice of Women Africa: Mentoring Girls for Leadership and Women for Elected Office

Student Parliament with our university mentees
A mock debate was held on women’s participation in leadership, with focus on affirmative action in parliamentary representation. The whole parliament was constituted with our university student mentees, including the speaker and clerk of parliament.

About Your Initiative

In order to move Africa forward, we must embrace inclusive governance, and uplift our women and girls.

Mission: to build a cadre of women who believe in themselves and in other women.

Vision: an Africa where every women and girl has the right to Development, education and participation.

1000 Women: improved governance through the increased participation of women by training women who are running for elected office on: governance, gender mainstreaming, communication, strategy, fund raising and running a campaign.

Impacting 1000 women engaged, encouraged, and enabled to run for office by 2023; Nationally, we are working with women from all political parties

Bridging the Gap: We bridge the Intergenerational gap between women so our older trainees are mentoring younger ones. The exchange is strategic for those seeking elected office to be aware of the challenges of younger girls in order to build a women’s agenda that will maximize participation, education and development for women.

Impacting 100 mentees through our three month life program by 2021; we are working with university students to transition them into job, career or business. 

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

Young girls in school, Uni, and women across Sierra Leone running for elected office

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