Girls in ICT

Indira Kinglocke-Archer
Posted April 24, 2020 from Bahamas

To Covid-19 has forced the government of The Bahamas to close down all schools for the reminder of the school year, as is mirrored through out the world. We recently celebrated Girls in ICT. Highlighting technology to advance gender equality starting with giving our girls portable devices to access the Internet. Right now in our country great barriers to education exist. Our girls who live in marginalized communities do not have access to internet therefore currently they are not receiving education as other students. Our organization, Resilience Girls Empowerment, is in dire need of help in getting portable devices to our girls.

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Apr 24
Apr 24

Thank you for sharing .
Hope you are doing good?
We love you . please stay safe.

Paulina Nayra
Apr 25
Apr 25

Dear Indira,
How are you? Hope you, your family and community are out of harm's way during this time of COVIS-19. Our schools are also closed here and just like in your country, children will not be able to catch up with their classes because of the lack of computer and internet facilities. Let's wish there will be donors for these. Good luck and take care.

Shirin Dalaki
Apr 25
Apr 25

Hello Indira,
Thank you for sharing your post with us. Your work is so valuable and I hear the difficulties you are facing right now. I hope you be able to leap over the barriers you are facing gradually and continue with your mission.


My family and are doing well. How are you all doing. It is my hope that you all are keeping safe.

Anita Shrestha
Apr 25
Apr 25

Thank you for sharing

Laetitia Shindano
May 01
May 01

Merci de nous partager ton histoire qui nous informé sur le travail que vous menez en faveur de l'éducation des filles marginalisées. Félicitations.
Tout le monde doit avoir accès à la technologie .

A te lire bientôt

May 12
May 12

Thank you for sharing Indira. I am glad that technology can be a solution and is able to connect us around the world. Hopefully you are able to reach out to organizations around the globe that could help with getting more portable devices to help connect the girls.
All the best.

Beth Lacey
May 13
May 13

Good luck in getting what you need

Catherine De Freitas

Hello Indira, I really admire what your organization is doing to support the girls in your community. This initiative is a much needed one.The use of technology to advance a cause is definitely a pro. It would be nice if the business community/ other NGOs/Government can provide some support, particularly to those students that do not have access to continued education. Don't give up Indira. A door will open. Blessings :)

Thank you kindly everyone for your words of encouragement and advice.