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Posted March 18, 2016 from Uganda
Expired on May 16, 2016

Take free online courses at your own pace and earn personalized certificates in Leadership, Business & Entrepreneurship, Civic Leadership, Public Management and current issues, such as climate change. Each lesson offers video, audio and text transcript options.

Select lessons are available in French on individual lesson pages under the “En Francais” tab.

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Mar 20, 2016
Mar 20, 2016

Thank you so much for sharing! Great tool...!


Terry Shiundu
Mar 24, 2016
Mar 24, 2016

Thank you Ikirimat for sharing!


Rabia Mazhar
Apr 30, 2016
Apr 30, 2016

Thank you for sharing  

Love Robo

E. Friday Crusor
Aug 12, 2016
Aug 12, 2016

Thanks for affording other young people the opportunity to learn and make a difference in their communities

Jun 29, 2018
Jun 29, 2018

Thank you all for sharing, and give this opportunity.