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About Me

Hello My Sisters of the World!

My name is Michele, and I will, forevermore, be grateful in finding this site. I consider myself a womanist, and have, for as long as I can remember, been involved in issues that empower women. I am a divorcee of many years, attempting to raise a progressive, independent young teenage daughter.

My passion is seeing women regain a sense of positive self esteem, and not fear speaking their minds about anything and everything! I have been a counselor for some time, helping women, men, and families recover from the ravages of sexual trauma. I am quite aware of the effects on women and their children; their partners; their families. At times, my therapeutic work gets lonely and emotionally tiring. I am so very appreciative to connect with other women, nationally and internationally, who share similar concerns, joys, and dedication in making women's lives more fulfilling! Caring about the empowered lives of women; reading; travel Wishing for equality & respect "NOW"; limit monies to do that I want to accomplish. I am a counselor, focusing on the aftermath of sexual trauma. I understand it well, as it impacts women. I am a former educator, loving the learning process.

My Vision

women will have the same quality of life as anyone else, no matter what their station in life is!