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About Me

I am a 19 year prophetic minister on YouTube with my own business and also attending college to be a psychologist. I believe that God loves us all And that he is always willing share , warn and communicate with his children. I
Really enjoy being used to encourage God’s children because I know what God’s word and encouragement has done for me. I am a strong advocate for women and children. I believe that children deserve to be heard and that their feeling are very important, if they do not receive the love and care they need as little ones it affects them in there later years. I also am really into fashion , make up, hair - honestly anything that has to go with self expression and creativity. I am so one who loves to be bold. One of my challenges has always been fear . Fear of no being enough, not being what I am supposed to be or being who God says I am to be. It’s very scary for me actually. I have also suffered from ptsd and anxiety but God has been taking me through a process

My Vision

. To use my anointing to be a blessing those God has called me too. To be the woman God has called me to be.


Provision for my vision
Supporting My Ministry : Prophetic Queen Esther Ministries on YouTube
Divine connections


I am able to receive prophetic messages from God and share them.
I can do my own hair
Make up
Write poems and songs


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