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Using the Media to reach a wider Audience

Immaculate Amoit
Posted October 26, 2017 from Kenya
Courtesy of Nia Teen June Edition

The media is an important tool in informing, educating and entertaining. However my campaign has used the Media to inform and educate the masses. The media is important as it gets any messages cross a wider audience. If used well the media helps in promoting social issues and raising awareness. The media has also been used the world over to raise voices against social evils. However for my campaign I shared my story to inspire adolescent girls and young women. My story was featured in June issue of 'Nia Teen', a magazine printed in Swahili and distributed to specific high schools in Kenya. Additionally, I was featured in the a Day in a Life Segment in the Daily Nation, a Kenyan Newspaper distributed across East Africa. In both instances I discussed on the importance of sexual health among adolescent girls. And the need for young girls to access Comprehensive Sexuality Education. I am hopeful that I was able to raise my voice and whoever read the features will take the necessary steps in resolving the reproductive issues that adolescents girls face and the concerned authorities will provide adolescent and youth friendly health services for the teenagers both boys and girls who need them services for their well-being.

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Oct 26, 2017
Oct 26, 2017

Hi Immaculate.  You are such a blessings.  Truly you are using your skills to reach a wider audience in bringing hope and health services.  Keep it up!

Sister Zeph
Oct 28, 2017
Oct 28, 2017

Well done my dear God bless you  keep growing