The Abundance of Women in My Circle

Immaculate Amoit
Posted July 28, 2018 from Kenya
World Pulse sisters in Morroco at The Empowerment Institute Global Gathering.Photo Credit Carolyn Seaman.

When Leah, a long time World Pulse Member introduced me to World Pulse,.I had never imagined the resources and opportunities it would bring. One thing she told me was this  platform  will create an entirely new world for me, 3 years down the line it truly did. I have witnessed, abundance in friendship, personal and career growth resources, opportunities, advice, money, business etcetera.

The circle of women I have interacted with from World Pulse have in a great way turned my life around.

They have supported me through grief and healing, they've mentored me, they have trained me, loved on me and taught me self care. Above everything else they are board Members in my organization.

When I think of this women, I see sisterhood, opulence, strength, wisdom, compassion and a support system and network that's is ready to change the world and increase in it's wealth.

My confidence and esteem levels has have gone up, my organization (Western Twaweza Empowerment Campaign-WETEC) has scaled because Women believed in my work and contributed financially, expertise and brought in capital resources like laptops, volunteered, mentorship and shared online opportunities as a result of your constant presence in my life.

To my sisters who have encouraged me, cheered me on, held me, offered training you are my wealth. 

I am forever indebted to pay it forward and touch other women and girls. 

I'm blessed to have you Leah Okeyo, Colleen Abdullah, Mahnaz Harrison, Adanna Nuella, Carolyn Seaman, Fleur Hutchinson, Akili Dada, World Pulse and many other women in my tribe you have shown me the true meaning of sisterhood,abundance, inclusivity and wealth.




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Tamarack Verrall
Jul 28, 2018
Jul 28, 2018

Dear Immaculate,

I am so glad that you wrote about the wealth we have with each other as WorldPulse sisters. It is so precious that it is difficult to put into words, but you have described it so well.

In sisterhood,

Jill Langhus
Jul 29, 2018
Jul 29, 2018

Hi Immaculate,

What a great description and story of how World Pulse has positively affected you and so many others. Love it!

You want to submit this story for the current story awards "Wealth of Women" so more people can see it and enjoy it: that ends on Tuesday.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Hope you have a great day:)

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jul 31, 2018
Jul 31, 2018

Hello, Immaculate,

What a beautiful World Pulse journey you have! I love your photo with your women group. You are wealthy indeed!

Thank you fo sharing!

Sally maforchi Mboumien
Aug 04, 2018
Aug 04, 2018

There is power in true sisterhood. World Pulse is really a community with abundance and support. Thank you Imma for being my sister on this platform.

Juliet Acom
Mar 05
Mar 05

Hello Immaculate,
World Pulse is a true sisterhood; we are trully home. I do hope to meet you some day

Bettina Amendi
Mar 09
Mar 09

Great Initiative,
Keep me posted sister.

Mar 11
Mar 11

World Pulse is so full of love with genuine sisters and real true love.

leila Kigha
Mar 20
Mar 20

Well done Immaculate.
It’s a great thing to have a support system and world pulse is that to many women.