World Pulse, The River that Sprung New Life to my Career and Personal Growth

Immaculate Amoit
Posted January 26, 2020 from Kenya
Girls following speakers presentation on SRHR. Photo Credit WETEC Kenya

It's 2020, a start of a new decade, am seated here creating my visualization and affirmation for this decade. It’s refreshing to reflect on how far I have come and the critical role played in my journey of becoming by the circle of women in my life both offline and online.

I was in a broken place when I joined World Pulse 4 years ago. I didn’t know how to piece together the broken pieces of my life and was on the verge of depression consumed by loss and grief. Then help came from the most of unlikely place, World Pulse!! My loss was hard to bear but sisterhood embraced me, I was encouraged by other World Pulse sisters to write about the pain and injustice that had happened. The lived experiences of this community of women helped me find myself again while recovering from my painful experience. Through the their own stories I tapped into the courage and hope of this amazing women. They defied harmful traditional practices, patriarchy and toxic masculinity and triumphed. This strengthened and ignited resilience in me.

 It is through this community of women that I started reading Brene Browns' books and this quote on authenticity, bravery and vulnerability stuck with me. "Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness.”  Thus I took the risk, braved uncertainty. This emotional exposure was not equal to weakness, it defined my own strength then and now. I live in my truth and its pure bliss.

During the 2016 World Pulse Kenya Meet up, I met 'minwa' Leah, Smeeta, Gladys, Phionah and 7 other women who shared stories of how they’ve overcome various challenges they faced in their communities as women. I had never before been in a room where women were their own support system, they embraced each other with so much love and care; honestly I was happily surprised. I admired their resolve, bravery, courage and vulnerability in this safe space. With my World Pulse sisters, I felt supported, accepted and lifted thus opened up, and my own healing took off. At this retreat there was hearty laughter, work visits and tears. Few days later I published my own story in my own words on this online platform which was published by Time Magazine; and I won a World Pulse Honorarium for the same.

I stayed on World Pulse encouraging other women from around the globe. I must confess it has been a rewarding, life changing and fulfilling experience to read about you, your work, your culture and lived experiences, so thank you sisters for always sharing your stories.

Fast forward I joined the World Pulse Digital Changemaking Fellowship in 2017 where I built various leadership skills this included adopting technology as an enabler for women economic empowerment and access to justice. I also was paired with mentors and received an Impact Leader Award. This Award was pivotal to the work I had started doing on my community through WETEC Kenya (An organization I founded). WETEC Kenya economically empowers teenage mothers and advocates for reproductive rights of women in rural communities. The Impact Leader award my first seed grant, it enabled us scale our work, gave us visibility resulting to various partnership with both local and international organizations like AJWS, INROADS, TICAH among others. The Impact Leader Award strengthened my resolve in championing for women rights, reproductive justice, and economic empowerment of adolescent girls and young women because gender equality can’t be achieved without funding grassroots organization.

They say a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. The Impact Leader Award was a bird in my hand that I relied on to scale up my Social Enterprise.

So far, through the various partnerships and funding WETEC has empowered and impacted the lives of more than 3500 girls we have conducted a total of 50 sexual and reproductive health right visits to 15 schools , conducted 60 economic empowerment training for young women.

To all the women who have held me, mentored me, encouraged me and invested in me emotionally and financially you have been catalysts for change, sending you all love and light.



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Anita Shrestha
Jan 26
Jan 26

Dear Sis
World Pulse, The River that Sprung New Life to my Career and Personal Growth
This is great point which help to meet with each other.

Jan 27
Jan 27

Dear Anita,
Honestly, I am in love with this your comment. So amazing dear, keep this kinds of comments up. It's very upbuilding.

Jan 27
Jan 27

Dear Amoit,
How are you doing? This is such an inspiring post for us the young ones. I loved it when you said before you came on world pulse you were broken and almost depressed. However, on your arrival here things suddenly moved into place. How amazing!

World pulse has really impact. Even we such as the young ones are nearly feeling it too. Congratulations on your award. May you keep doing more to help girls and women in your country. Since are from Kenya, please do you know Isabella. Will get her link for you here.
Thanks for sharing your post and we keep in touch.
Take care

Jill Langhus
Jan 27
Jan 27

Hello Immah,

How are you doing, dear? Wow! What a great story and tribute to World Pulse... I had no idea. How inspiring. Thanks sooo much for sharing, dear. Amazing. It's so lovely to hear how World Pulse, its events and the community on the forum has helped you so much, and that you found Brene Brown, too. So, what is your affirmation for this decade, if you don't mind sharing:-) Also, how come you aren't an Ambassador? If you interested, it's open until mid next month. Let me know if you are, and I'll send you the links.

Hope you have a great week!


Hello, Immah,

Wow! This is truly a World Pulse Impact Story! How powerful it is for empowered women to come together and uplift another sister. My heart is rejoicing while I read every line of your story, dear sister. I am so proud of who you become today and the impact that you continue to create in your circle of influence. You inspire us with your determination and resilience, dear. Keep up the great work, and please keep on writing your journey. A lot of our sisters could learn life lessons from your experience.

Thank you for sharing this with us. We love you!

Jan 28
Jan 28

Bravo Amoit!

You are a true reflection of dedication and sincerity. A representative of Success through Collectivism!!
More strength to you!!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Dear Immaculate.
The title alone of your story tells a lot. This is an inspiration story for many who have not yet joined the platform and I pray that you continue to reach out to many more women out there to join this platform. Thank you for sharing your appreciate and all the best with your work.
Keep us updated on your progress.

Jan 30
Jan 30

Am so overwhelmed with emotions Anita,comfort and help comes in our moments of dare need. It just has a way of finding us. Am glad you are here and you have also found that support you needed, world pulse is truly a family not just a community. Keep soaring dear.

Feb 08
Feb 08

Wow Immaculate, congratulations on your great achievements. Coming from a place of brokenness and getting to where you are is a great accomplishment and an inspiration to all women who may find themselves in similar situations.
Your recognition of Jensine and World Pulse is testimony that is a platform that is impacting women in positive ways.
World Pulse is proud to have you as a sister and so is Kenya and the women who have been been empowered by your wisdom and hard work.
May your star continue to rise and may you impact many more women in the years to come.

Dr Jackie
Feb 10
Feb 10

Dear, Sister Immaculate....
Guess what? As I read through your story, I wanted to be you...hahahaa. You have crafted your experience in a beautiful way. Your bravery is pass finding, your communication skills are wonderful .....and the list continues. It was such an amazing experience reading through this rich piece! Wishing you all the best in this decade. Please keep writing......coz you it's wonderful reading your experiences.
Thank you


Felicitas Wung
Feb 10
Feb 10

That's wonderful sister Immaculate. World pulse is a place to be. A home where we all are being inspired by other's experiences. Thanks for sharing this with us sister Immaculate.
How is the organization going?

Felicitas Wung
Feb 10
Feb 10

That's wonderful Immaculate. Indeed world pulse is a home where we all are being inspired by other's experiences. And share ours
How are you doing?