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Immaculate Amoit
Posted June 2, 2016 from Kenya
Expired on July 31, 2016
As part of youth led organization championing sexual health rights; Western Twaweza Empowerment Campaign members attending ACT 2015 Phase 4 training on Sustainable Development Goals and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights among youth and adolescents facilitated by Fortress of Hope Africa

I am Immaculate Founder of Western Twaweza Empowerment Campaign (WETEC) a Community Based Organization in Rural Western Kenya. My organization focuses on teenage girls with special attention to teenage mothers and education. Our objective as an organization is to provide girls with lifetime opportunities so that they can live productive lives; our mission is to influence behavior change among adolescent girls through mentorship campaigns, and dissemination of information on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights in schools and grassroots communities as means to preventing and reducing teenage pregnancies. We also encourage girls to stay in school by emphasizing on the economical importance of education, additionally through well wishers the organization accesses bursaries for girls and teenage mothers from disadvantaged backgrounds who are willing to be re-integrated back to the school system and get necessary health services. 17% of adolescents girls in Western Kenya have children, studies also show that teenage pregnancies are on the rise and Kenya has been ranked among the countries that has most teenage mothers, we therefore advocate for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools because this will help reduce help in delayed sexual debut and enable girls make the right choices regarding their life. 46% of new HIV/AIDS infection is also among adolescents and youth according to Kenya Demographic Survey. I believe when the youth and adolescents access information on sexuality and reproductive rights they will change their lifestyle and act more responsibly thus reducing cases of teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. So far we’ve reached to more than 1500 girls with the help of friends, well wishers and co-operate sponsors, these girls are provided with sanitary towels, shoes and books and in some cases diapers for their children so that they don’t miss out on school.The poverty index in our county is 67% according to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, this makes most household with girls more vulnerable. Girls from poorer backgrounds are more likely to get pregnant and marry at a tender age. Teenage pregnancy not only poses threat to the mother but also the child. Through our annual `mentorship camps girls are equipped with life skills, entrepreneurial skills like pastry, baking and basic cooking skills. This being an Era of digital campaign we are in the process of forming partnership to implement the Intel She will connect Program and Mozilla Clubs which some members of the organization have already received training. My ultimate vision is to build a community resource center with a Vocational training center, an ICT laboratory, Safe Zone for adolescent girls where they can easily and freely access information on Sexual Reproductive Health and adolescent friendly health services and a small organic farm where they can learn basic farming skills.I have been invited to participate in the Opportunity Collaboration Fellowship in October 2016. I long to attend the aforementioned forum, as it is my only chance to network, meet and connect with like minded individuals to reignite my passion from inspiration drawn from leaders, professional etcetera and speak about my work to possible sponsors and access to seed funding so as to scale up my work and impact positively in the lives of adolescent girls in my community.Currently I can’t manage to raise the $ 5000 which I need in order to attend the aforementioned forum in Cancun Mexico. I learnt of Opportunity Collaboration Fellowship through World Pulse Sisters in mid May. I kindly request sisters and brothers on World Pulse to help me crowd source and crowd fund, your kind gesture and support will be highly appreciated.

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