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Young Women Economic Empowerment, Have your Say at the CS61 Youth Forum

Immaculate Amoit
Posted February 17, 2017 from Kenya
Expired on February 20, 2017
Online Consultation Forum moderated by expert for youths 18-35 years of age who are not able to travel to The Youth Forum at CS61 Your participation could be included in the CS61 Youth Forum.

According to UNEmpower women. For adolescents tobesuccessful,programs must address context specific constraints within which they are implemented.Moreover palliative programs that do not provide the opportunity for adolescent#Adolescent#Women to accumulate assets, form agency,increase capacity to aspire or cause changes in their environment are unlikely to cause substantive longterm effects.Find more here

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Feb 22, 2017
Feb 22, 2017

Hi  Immah,thanks for sharing this information