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INDELIBLE Evidence of Excellence
Posted May 4, 2017 from Nigeria

We have been deceived. All of us put together have been lied to and sadly we admire it. We were taught to run along with the speed of the globe, a recent chase called modernization. We pursue it so bad so much that we'd give up sanity to be a bit of its whole. That's why sex happens too fast in relationships and then we get heart broken so early on the journey then we begin to loose sight of the values of patience and soon we deny our esteem, then we recycle over the reasons we don't support each other because everything and us are happening too fast. But we are women and we're here to learn calmness to design, patiently correct, consistently build and publish. These are the contents connected to our making. To maximize our gender.

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Jill Langhus
May 05, 2017
May 05, 2017

Hi Indelible. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on modernization. I think the tides are finally, slowly changing and the feminine is being embraced more and more. What do you see as the biggest challenge girls and women face for having lost their way?

INDELIBLE Evidence of Excellence
May 05, 2017
May 05, 2017

Its still not fully mastered in Africa. We have had more domestic abuse, divorce and rejection in recent time than in the past. It appears there isn't yet an effective measure to commnicate certain use of modernization to the younger generation because they are more of the victims. 

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