Visit by Women Activists Delegation from Mindanao-The Philippines

Institut Perempuan
Posted January 17, 2015 from Indonesia

Sunday, December 28, 2014, Institut Perempuan received a visit from Mindanao Philiphine Muslim Women who work for women’s issues at Mindanao, Philippines. This activity aimed to share the information and experience that has been doing by Institut Perempuan for the strengthening women’s community. The participants consisted of element of women’s organisation in Mindanao, Philippines and National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) such as Regional Human Rights Commission.

This event started 10.30 A.M that was started by introducing themselves from Institut Perempuan and friends from Philippines. And then, it continued by introducing programs that has been done by Institut Perempuan from 1998 until now. After explaining what Institut Perempuan has been doing for empowerment of women, delegations from Philippines also shared the experience about women’s situasion and condition in Philippines are not much different from women in Indonesia and the strategies what have been done for empowerment of women.

Questions were asked about economic empowerment using a system of savings and loans and creative writing, that were, how to identify the time and place to live in, how to choose the Household to live in, how do the selection of criteria to live in and involvement of men in developing this activity.

Creative Writing activity by grass root women also became an interesting activity for friends of the Philippines because there are similarities between the characteristics of Indonesian women and Philippines women, namely the lack of interest in writing, but this writing activity was effective as healing for women of violence victims. According to their experience in Philippines, there were women who did not want to write because they worried about their writings (as victims) would be published and threatened their safety.

The closing of this activity was heartwarming and that was over at 12.00 P.M.

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Yvette Warren
Jan 31, 2015
Jan 31, 2015

I am encouraged that the Institut Perempuan is encouraging women to tell our stories. The Phillipine women and the USA women have a lot in common. We won't know this unless we share our experiences in our own words.

ma.chona lasaca
Feb 01, 2015
Feb 01, 2015

I am happy to hear the exchange between Philippine Muslim women and Institut Prempuan about their journey towards economic empowerement using savings and loan and creative writing as strategies. Indeed, for Muslim women in the Philippines who for centuries, are living in the state of war while trying to make a living for their families, it is a very difficult life . There should be more exchanges on how we all can move forward to attain our goals for economic empowerement even as we support the ongoing peace talks in Mindanao.