When Rural Women Talk About Increasing of Fuel Price (Part 1)

Institut Perempuan
Posted April 18, 2015 from Indonesia

A Documentation & Diary of Rural Women Organizing process in West Java, INDONESIA

INSTITUT PEREMPUAN (Women’s Institute)

March 23, 2012, Cirebon. I went to Cirebon on Friday, March 23, 2012. Several months ago I was absent to do field trip, so that today I made it up by spending my time to visit groups of rural women at Kanci Kulon village, Cirebon, West Java.

Upon arriving at Harjamukti Station, I met Hg. Hg is a community paralegal who advocate and assist cases of women migrant workers in Indramayu, West Java. We then proceeded to the village of Kanci Kulon. Upon arrival there, we were greeted by Mrs. A. Then, the three of us were heading to house of Mrs. M. This time, Mrs. M had prepared her house as rendezvous. At her living room, she had held a mat and put a small blackboard. Mrs. M then took out drinking water she had prepared. Shortly after that, women member from Annisa Women Cooperative came one by one.

Gathering like this is regular agenda in education and organizing activities organized by INSTITUT PEREMPUAN/Women’s Institute. In group meeting, we usually discuss issues relating to women and children. The place that is used for such meeting is usually performed alternately from houses of the group members.

On this occasion, we invited them to discuss about the trending issue, that was, the increase in fuel (re: BBM in Indonesian) price. Because the discussion was casual, discussion for this time brought only eight women of Annisa’s group.

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Apr 21, 2015
Apr 21, 2015

Hello Institut Perempuan,

Thank you for sharing about your organization.

This story would be great to submit to the Path to Participation initiative World Pulse just launched in partnership with No Ceilings of the Clinton Foundation!

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We hope you will!

Thanks again,