Honor crimes are still alive in my community

Posted October 27, 2015 from Iraq

Laws are tools to protection women from all types of violence, especially in their communities have the culture of killing women under the name of honor , if there where laws to protect women , but applying these laws will be so weak , what are happened to the women, there we see women victims like ( snur) is a woman in 21 years after he fled from her home and entered the shelter, but this place didn't have the ability to protect her when on day( snur) went out of the shelter where she lived in , suddenly killed by a member of her family , there are many questions about why the government in this country failed to protect these women and unfortunately there are many women's organizations in this area they do not have the ability only condemnation after the killing of women , at the same The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) condemned the killing of this women .. I think the condemnation is not enough to protect women s life and must working hard to make changing in the cultural of this society that women rights mean human rights and try to educate women to be aware of their rights and avoid choosing wrong ways .

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