Am Glad I told Mum

Ireen Samalie Mutekanga
Posted November 16, 2020 from Uganda


"Am glad I told mum."is a book my mother bought for us at home when we were young. That book title and its content are still stuck in my head up to now and would buy the same book for my children in case I come a cross it. This was a book that talked about an uncle who would every evening go for a walk with his niece but would sexually harass her inform of bad touches and would tell the niece never to talk to the mother about it. One day the niece opened up to the mother and the mother confronted the uncle and even made sure the uncle leaves home,this the title am glad I told mum.This is one way our mother used to communicate to us about sexual harassment without her even saying a word to us directly.   I still appreciate the fact that she bought that book for us at a tender age and without saying a word the book spoke volumes to us. My advice to us parents is ,let us find the best ways to protect our children from being victims of sexual harassment and anything related to it. If you cant sit them down and talk to them,you can buy a book ,a novel or even a movie that you know will pass on that very message you want your child to know as they grow up. We need to protect our children from any kind of harassment, let us make our children our best friends so that they can confide in us and say am glad I told my parents about this and they protected me from something bad I did not know about by giving me the right advice

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Nini Mappo
Nov 17
Nov 17

Hello Ireen,
I am in awe of your mother for her creativity in teaching her children about sexual predators. That book is an incredible resource to those parents who are shy about addressing the topic of sex with their children. They could make the book part of early years curriculum to enhance safety of those children whose parents cannot afford the book as well.
It's great that the lessons you learnt are still fresh and you can even pass them on to others and continue the cycle of safety, which is wonderful!

Thank you so much Nini Mappo for taking time off to read my story, so many parents out their wait for when the children have grown up to start talking to them about sex and sexuality ,but most of the times they find when its already late and the children are already exposed. we need to create this awareness so that parents can know that its fine to have sex talks with our children at a tender age. having such books as part of early years curriculum would surely be a great deal

Tamarack Verrall
Nov 17
Nov 17

Dear Irene,
What a great story, and how deeply encouraging to know that this book is written and available, and that your mother had the courage and heart to make sure that you had this information. As Nini says, how great it would be if this book were to be part of early education. What a perfect title: "Am glad I told mum". Thanks for letting us know about it!

Thank you Tamarack for taking time off to read my story.
Lots of love from me to you.

Hello, Ireen,

Wow, I didn't know about that book. Is that written by an author from your country or is that available internationally. Your mom is so wise to tell that story to you, and it stuck until now. Thank you for sharing this with us. It's important for parents to educate their children about these things. Prevention is better than cure.

Hi karen, the book is available internationally, you can get it on Amazon. You can also check out this other book 'what's wrong with Bottoms' they are both written by the same author ~Jenny Hessell.

Julie Desai
Nov 23
Nov 23

thank you for sharing

Thank you Julie for taking time off to read my story