Life is so unpredictable.

Ireen Samalie Mutekanga
Posted November 20, 2020 from Uganda

"Life is so unpredictable and so Uncertain" When we were growing up,our mother made sure we learn to work,whenever we would go for holidays ,she would give our househelper paid leave, so she goes home to be with her family as we also learn how to work. A work schedule would be drawn and pinned on the wall and everyone knew their everyday duties. And during those holidays when the house helper would stay she would constantly remind us of how the house helper is only around to help her and not us. And because of this our housework schedule had to continue. Whenever we would be digging she would tell us stories but one thing she kept on saying was life is so unpredictable and thats why she wanted us to learn how to do house work and farming so that incase life becomes hard in future ,we would be able to survive. My dad being a farmer who had a coffee plantation ,when we joined secondary school ,we started picking coffee every holiday. I must admit it wasn't fun at all but when I look back it was worth it because it taught me to be hardworking . So don't be ashamed of your side hustle because you're a graduate or have a well paying Job. Like my mum used to say"life is so uncertain and unpredictable" and who knows that side hustle might help you get back on your feet incase everything else fails to workout for you.

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Thank you for this motivational message, Ireen. We all need to prepare for the rainy day, and we need to give our best on whatever opportunity we have right now. There's no shame in labor work for sure.

Kudos to your mom for training you. She's amazing!

Your Welcome Karen.
Indeed there is no shame in labor work.
Cheers to sisterhood

Nini Mappo
Nov 21
Nov 21

Hello Ireen,
Your parents are so wise! I have raised up a couple of highly privileged 'adultscents' who were raised in so much affluence they new nothing about real life when they came to board with us, and I really felt sorry for them. Teaching children hard work is not merely to cushion us if the corporate employment falters, although that is important. More than that it opens our hearts to empathy by helping us be in touch with the world and the challenges therein, and begin empowering us with resources and tools to heal that world. Good on you for embracing all possibilities that life presents, and sharing that wisdom with us!

Thank you Nini❤

Tamarack Verrall
Nov 21
Nov 21

Hello Ireen,
Wise words. I agree, if as children we don't learn how to work and be able to do everything related to the basic aspects of life, we grow up differently and also not knowing the importance of these lessons. I am grateful for my mother who insisted that my 5 brothers do as much housework as me, the one girl. I am also grateful to know how to do things without it being a bigger task than it is. Side hustles are skills.

Thank you Tamarack,and indeed side hustles are skills.

Shirin Dalaki
Nov 23
Nov 23

I agree, thanks for sharing.

Thank you Dalaki for taking time off to read my story.

Jennifer Zeng
Nov 24
Nov 24

Dear Iree,

Thank you for sharing your story. Your parents are great role models - kind, hard working and warm!

Thank you Jennifer for taking time off to read my story.