Posted September 22, 2020

What if your past disaster is someone else’s present,

Could you bear to see the suffering without lending a hand?

What if your hands are full and your purse is tight,

How could you be of help, what is your essence?

What if your story could spill a cup of water to a dry land,

What if your frail and small voice could stir someone to fight,

Not much work done but, wouldn’t it feel alright?


What if the baby steps could reach a thousand miles,

What if a kid’s day is brightened by your smiles?

What if your little kindness and care is all she needs,

That no matter what, God is good indeed!


What if that spilled cup of water could call the rain,

What if that shrill voice thundered in the heavenly realm,

If it only takes a spark to get a fire going,

What if it only takes one kindness to get someone believing,

That His Spirit is working in the land we are living.


What if there are no what ifs

And what’s left is only, “LET IT!”

Wouldn’t it be worth achieving

A new way of living, healing the hurting?

Redeeming the time with radical paradigm shifting

When months, years and life pass like a daydream,

When will we fulfill our true human calling?

This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Sep 22
Sep 22

Wow, Ironclay. What an awesome poem. Hearty congratulations on your first post. It would be nice to read more from you. Keep writing, don't stop.

We are stronger together. We should all practice empathy and love. "...What if your story could spill a cup of water to a dry land...?" Many "what if's" indeed.

Nothing is too small. Let us just give what we have. It would go a long way to make the difference we all crave. Thank you for this piece. :)

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Sep 23
Sep 23

Hello Andrace,

I'm glad that you find the poem awesome and for heartily encouraging me to do more.
Yes, emphaty and love is very important in our lives as we all are going through something which may be difficult for us. But,knowing that we are not alone and that there's still kindness even in strangers give us strength and hope. Yes to "We are stronger together!"
It's good to feel warmly welcomed to a world of change makers and to feel that my voice through this piece matters too. I truly hope to do more.
Kind Regards,

Hello, IronClay,

Congratulations on writing your first story! This is a powerful post! From "what if's" to " LET IT!" WOW. Are you talking to me?Haha. I need this, dear. It speaks to me, really. Thank you for writing this. It's a call to action poetry. I love it so much! Please write more!

Sep 23
Sep 23

Hello Karen,
Thanks for reading the whole poem and loving it! Power belongs to God and glory to Him who inspired me.
I'm glad that it resonated with you...I personally believe that it's innate in us to do good things but perhaps, because of unpleasant experiences, we have somehow confined ourselves and hold back the goodness that is ready to flow from us..I'm starting to pull down one "what if" and simply "LETTING IT!" on this poem. I'm glad I did! Thanks also for encouraging me to write more!
Kind Regards,

You're welcome, dear. It's empowering! I love how we can silence "What if's" and turn it into "Let it's"! Speak volumes. To God be the glory indeed.

Sep 28
Sep 28

Writing this poem is also releasing myself from the what if's that are holding me back to the LET IT's that are awaiting to come forth..still a work in progress though but finding inspiration to give my best in whatever circumstance life leads me because I was placed there for a reason.. Thanks also for empowering sissy!.

Nini Mappo
Sep 24
Sep 24

Hello Ironclay,
Welcome to World Pulse. Your poetry is a powerful call to action, to stop dithering, finding excuses and such. I like the idea of redeeming the time, tuning in to see what His Spirit is doing in the land we live, and joining that work.
Thank you for the encouragement. God bless you :)