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About Me

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR : Consultant, Educator and Policy Manager

This portfolio serves to bring about an understanding of the socio-economic development of an ongoing commitment towards the society. Isaac is working on strategic planning and research on how to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to empower societies especially women.

In this regard, he is offering his expertise in strategic planning and coordination, with the primary objective of supporting high level research initiatives that identify technology advancement in our current information and knowledge based society to push for reforms in sub-Saharan Africa.

He remains confident in his ability to represent, safeguard and promote organizational initiatives through these times of technological advancement and lock-in Africa continuing economic prosperity and social well-being.

He furthered his executive development program in Business Foundation at the University of Stellenbosch South Africa to develop his knowledge, skills and a failsafe procedure required to produce indisputable results and has gained the recognition in the field of social entrepreneurship.

He currently holds executive MBA in Business Administration obtained from IEDC-Bled School of Management Slovenia which he attained through a comprehensive understanding of socio-economic policies, technological diversity, understanding of how communities use technologies to manage information and knowledge, and how creating venture opportunities shape the development of society.

It is his intention to fully utilize all his skills set and knowledge of the industry in providing a robust and reliable service to Africa with a high level of competence, diplomacy and integrity.

He is currently working with various multilateral institutions, Global Reporting Initiative, the World Bank/IMF Civil Society Policy Group, Open Government Partnership on high level of performance in a variety of progressively responsible and challenging assignments on how to advance the cause of democratic governance.

Isaac believes promoting gender equality and empowering women is the only powerful weapon to address unemployment, poverty alleviation, reduction of crime, restoring the moral fabric and rebuilding of family lives in the long run. "Helping Others To help themselves" Limited Resources Training and Empowering

My Vision

Equip and transform young South African women, the youth and existing business in our communities with appropriate sustainable business skills in the entrepreneur world.