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Isaura Diniz
Posted November 30, 2020 from Portugal
Our instagram page!
Our instagram page! (1/1)

Dear sisters, 

Some of you already know me and my project, for the ones who dont. I am Isaura Diniz, a 17 year old student of Portugal, on my last year of high school, doing an anual project for Sociology.

My project is about the tabu of sex education, towards the menstrual stigma and lack of accessibility to menstrual products, we have recently started our instagram page, the first post is in portuguese, but I am more than happy to translate it for everyone! The instagram page is @period.pontofinal, ponto final means period in portuguese, so it is a metaphor to start adding "periods" to this stigma.

It would mean a lot if you could give it a look and maybe keep up with this, this fight belongs to all of us!

Thank you in advance, from all of the members of this project!



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Nov 30, 2020
Nov 30, 2020

Hello Isaura...
It's wonderful that you have taken on this cause. This stigma is so old it's a shame that it got this far. It's time to do what you can since you are motivated.
I suggest that you fill the Instagram page with lots and lots of positive content. Motivating content. Make menstruation a celebration instead of a let down that has to be dealt with, which is the essence of the stigma. Women, no matter how young or old rarely celebrate menstruation unless they are happy that they are not pregnant. Create celebrations. The photo on the Instagram needs positive, joyful companions to support the positive side. Only the negative is visible. Add Instagram Stories and build Highlights. Use the Instagram assets to speak for your mission. There is work to do. I encourage you to start from a joyful, celebratory position of pride. If you feel good about menstruation, you can make other young women feel good about it. It's the pride and essence of womanhood. It's not just a bloody, inconvenience. Let's get the stain under control. Contact feminine product manufacturers after you build your Instagram page. Tell them about your project. Ask them to donate products. Or maybe you are doing that already. Perhaps change the bloodstain on the logo into a stylized heart shape, to show love for menstruation. Just an artistic creative suggestion. Bravo to you my sister! You are to be applauded. Get busy, and keep us posted.
I'm looking forward to seeing your content on Instagram. By the way...most Instagrammers do not look or join if there is only one pic. They want content to fill their community collections. So fill it up and get the message out there.
'Period Parties' Are Smashing The Stigma Of Menstruation...

Period parties can make learning about menstruation *way* more fun and engaging...

Big hugs...JoMarie

Isaura Diniz
Dec 01, 2020
Dec 01, 2020

Dear JoMarie, thank you for all your words and great advices, they wont leave our minds!
I agree with you, and I will keep it up!
I will check out the links you sent me, thank you, truly!

Nini Mappo
Dec 01, 2020
Dec 01, 2020

Congratulations Isaura. I'm glad to see this project take wings! Wishing you well for the journey ahead as this will most likely live beyond this high-school project!
Much love,

Isaura Diniz
Dec 01, 2020
Dec 01, 2020

Love to you Nini! Thank you for you support always!
I really hope it breaks the limits of just a "school project"