enviroment and health how they are interrelated?how enviromental degradation affects living beings?

ishani sanyal
Posted May 11, 2018 from India

Suki, Retu, Chemma, were teachers in a professional tutorial they used to conduct experiments on various assignments such as-Solar energy what it is in which parts of India it is used?what is environmental degradation? How can it be stopped? What is health how an environment affects health.how they are interrelated? An environment is a house where all living beings stay.

It gets affected when wastes are thrown in it chemicals of factories and idols of Indian gods and goddesses made of clay and soil when immersed in river contaminates it, dead body’s of loving beings when get mixed with water makes it polluted, therefore, water gets polluted in this way and the term is water pollution.

Loudspeakers, horns, stereo systems played with loud noise causes noise pollution and damages the ear hence causing noise pollution.

Air coming from two-wheelers, cars, automobiles, and causes air pollution Wastes thrown on land pollutes the land causing land pollution.

Environmental degradation refers to destroying our atmosphere. Our atmosphere is dependent on us and we are completely responsible for polluting it.

So our foremost duty as citizens to take these measures to conserve and preserve our environment. The govt.must makes strict rules in protecting our environment.

Water and Land are our natural Resource. Seas, lakes, rivers, ponds.

Wells are sources of water. While plants and trees are sources of land. Environmental degradation can be stopped by planting and growing more and more trees by not cutting trees, plants, and forests. Trees and plants give oxygen and release carbon dioxide

But when we cut them to make houses they produce only carbon dioxide which is poisonous and spreads in the environment causing deadly diseases such as asthma, cancer. Nowadays pollution check is done in every petrol pump.

Using unleaded petrol is good as it doesn’t cause diseases. Green Revolution campaigns awakening people so that they learn to save environment commercials, boards, with slogan stop cutting trees help in propagating this message.

All living beings need fresh air, the shade of a tree so trees, fresh water is a necessity, clean it is essential to look after them on a regular basis.

Keep a check

Health and environment both are related because if our environment is good we will never suffer from any disease. Home remedies, natural remedies,yogasansa, acupressure are techniques to cure many illnesses.

Yogasana is a study of human body’s functioning on the other hand acupressure is the study of various s points connected to whole body system’s parts like-palm, hand, leg, brain, cheeks, natural and home remedies are prepared through a flower, fruit extract, plant’s root, its stem, through herbs. Home remedies, natural remedies, yogasanas acupressure are techniques to cure many illnesses.

Yogasana is study of human body’s functioning on the other hand acupressure is the study of various s points connected to whole body system’s parts like-palm, hand, leg, brain, cheeks, natural and home remedies are prepared through flower, fruit extract, plant’s root, its stem, through herbs, medicinal herbs, medicinal plant.

Hence follow this methods-1)don't neglect environment, don't avoid deforestation, do regular exercise, yoga, acupressure, home remedies, natural remedies.

So go through these rules and you will find that within a year environment will be full of greenery and purity. Plants are very helpful in bringing heavy rains, rainfall is good for crops, fields, seas, rivers, dams, ponds, rainfall makes soil fertile.

Therefore run on this principle of  GREEN REVOLUTION+HOME REMEDIES, NATURAL REMEDIES/YOGA ACUPRESSURE-=GOOD HEALTH the environment is our lifelong residence, we change houses but the environment is the permanent home.

So care of nature is care of mankind, nature is most essential part of our life. Nature contains our life. If nature will have perished we won't survive.

So save it don't waste it. It will never return again. At least think about human health, our survival takes utmost care of the earth. An environment is our first place, God's most beautiful gift most precious treasure. Preserve it it is bestowed to you by almighty power, don't let it finish, never let it destroy, God's gift is expensive it has several purposes, gains, purpose to provide shelter to animals, purpose to provide fruits, purpose to make us alive.

Livelihood is environment.climate, atmosphere, health consists of the environment. Nature consists of soil. when forests get destroyed soil gets washed away by winds because of the absence of trees it is unable to hold the soil as roots of trees hold the soil and protect it from landslides, soil erosion etc. So conservation is the need, it is the necessity, it is important is essential. Vegetation  requires plants,

plants is required by us,air is required by us,water is required by us,land is also required by us. Subtract these what will be left. Nothing. And you will be left with nothing.

Without air you will die,in impure air you will fall sick, without tree you won't get shade,floods will come,without plants sea will be dry and one day you won't get water. Without water you can't survive. This is how environmental degradation affects life.

This is how environment and health are completely related to each other,this is how people don't bother,this is how they take our environment. This is how they can protect and save it,this is the way,

You have to live here so spread this message worldwide. The world needs this view,world needs to read this. The nation needs to safeguard this,health is the biggest wealth one can have,it is the biggest of all treasures, an environment is our means of life.

The environment is almost of everything. Health is environmental. Health can be improved good enviroment is requirement.good enviroment is useful. usefulness to change our environment needs to be taken into consideration. It is the needfulness that draws us to write on this topic.

I saw many of you have experienced a freshness in environment goodness. Create such surroundings where one will find fun to be of Usefulness is to bring that needfulness.

Usefulness to remember this article, Needfulness to follow this article. Use to be in use of nature, use to be in use to save atmosphere. Living beings rely on nature for each and everything for food,LIVING BEING BY TERM refers to beings which are alive, respire.

All living beings respire in the air, live in on the environment, environmental health can't be separated from environmental conditions. therefore the environmental condition needs to be improved completely environmental is based on the environment.

The environment is of great value. Give value to the good environment,good health,good wellbeing,

Without  thinking of environment as prior to us is not good for us we should give priority to environment daily and every time and to health. These both are noteworthy.

Be a nature lover not a destroyer of nature.It affects adversely to you, to people,and to everybody,it gets transferred in the form of ill health,world health,to the whole world,to cities,to territories,to towns,to states,to colonies,to flats,TOTAL ALL OF THEM. includes ALL. Sufferers ALL

Leaves NO ONE,Takes EVERYONE. KILLS EVERYONE. Now you must have understood, My article's meaning what it conveys. So degradation of the environment affects living beings a lot.


















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Jill Langhus
May 11, 2018
May 11, 2018

HI Ishani. Thanks for sharing your important article on the importance of preserving and healing our beautiful planet. I'm a strong believer in this as well. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people seem to think that our precious resources are expendable and unnecessary. I do hope this attitude changes collectively sooner rather than later, but either someone wants to be aware and be conscientious or not, to a certain extent. What do you think are some solutions to cultivate positive change in environmental awareness and preservation?

ishani sanyal
May 12, 2018
May 12, 2018

solutions to cultivate are by using boards, by propagating about cultivating positive change in environmental awareness and preservation by telling the majority of people about the benefits of preservation of environment. By making a form each one has to fill up this form. Make commercials on environmental degradation as I mentioned above. Make visuals, draw pictures and posters about it. Make mini advertising in every auto. Tell people to take part in it.
show such states where people used to destroy resources and what happened there. And then compare it with cities and states where people are conserving. Conduct surveys.
these steps can help.
We have to think it is upto us.
we are indebted to it.Aren't we?

Jill Langhus
May 12, 2018
May 12, 2018

Yes, I personally think we have a responsible to keep our resources/planet in tact, thriving and beautiful, as they were originally, but I still feel like I'm the minority, so then it means more education and awareness. I think all your suggestions are good ones. The answer for most people is probably to see a benefit to doing its, so that there is inherent worth to them, since they don't or won't see it otherwise as being necessity, or even something they want to do.

Urmila Chanam
Jan 15, 2019
Jan 15, 2019

Thank you Ishani for your insight and advocacy for protection of environment. I hail from Manipur in northeast India and I found that community has more knowledge and inspiration to protect their environment and take ownership of their role while the urban (wo)man is not bothered about what is being done. Sometimes people do not take baby steps intimidated by the size of the problem. Keep writing and sharing.

Urmila Chanam
[email protected]

ishani sanyal
Mar 08, 2019
Mar 08, 2019

thanks urmila