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ishani sanyal
Posted September 9, 2018 from India
spherical device
spherical device
spherical device : spherical device (1/5)

Recently floods occurred in Kerala which affected the lives, numerous people, lead to deaths, as a result of which people became homeless. So a decision regarding the collection of water is needed blotting paper like device water absorption and collecting device or needs to be fixed whenever heavy rainfall takes place every year to every part of our country which will absorb water.

what causes floods-We have often observed that whenever it rains water level rises up water from seas, rivers comes to people's houses so stop the water and stop the overflow of water. Overflowing is the major cause of floods, reduce the level of water. Another step is block excess water from rising up. By using a water blockage device, we can block the excess flow of water stoppage is very essential.

Collect excess water-

Always collect water separately by perforation technique Blotting paper has perforated holes inside it which prevents ink from getting stuck into it the more you put ink into it the more it takes the ink inside it. Another technique is oil collecting device many times we have seen that there is a spherical device with a stand, in which if we pour water it gets inside it through a hole it is made of two substance.

Floods are big hurdles for everyone including students of schools, housewives, people who do job, people who drive cars, buses, cycle to autorickshaw drivers even for those who ride a scooty. It causes big trouble for everyone. As it disrupts our daily life. It is a cause of worry.

So what is important is prevention, therefore we can follow the above-mentioned steps block excess water, excessive is harmful. Hence we can help people by doing this.

We have to take action for this natural calamity or natural disaster

Something needs to be done 

Something needs to be done Natural disaster or natural calamities are sudden occurrences of nature. Natural calamities natural disaster is a big cause of concern.

Our mother nature 

Our mother nature dreadful form can destroy everything so be alert be aware spread awareness.

And make arrangements for it as I said earlier by following steps which are discussed above natural disaster management disaster management they are of great support as it provides food products, and saves people who get drowned also, techniques, as I said, needs to be applied written above have a look at it again.WAACD water absorption and collecting device OCLD oil collecting device.




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May 20, 2019
May 20, 2019

This is an amazing ways for reduction of floods. Thanks for sharing. Flooding is everywhere nowadays even in the developed countries. Good you shared measures of control with us. Thanks for sharing once again.