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Islam Abuelgasim
Posted September 4, 2016 from Sudan
Class Education in Sudan
Islam Abuelgasim Ali
Islam Abuelgasim Ali (1/1)

Back To Front This is the first time my writing a story in English, Nelson Mandela says: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I think I want change my community to better, but the community changed me to the worst I don't think I changed for the better. In Sudan we have beautiful Nile , streets & the government says it's a high time for the peace and democracy, but no one is happy about that, Most of people are surfing the High living cost , beautiful view of Khartoum city hides a lot of pain, it's awful cake taste cooked and beautifully decorated. I keep thinking about girls ,women and children who are silent , I look out of the bus window after long hours of stand waiting for the transport and attempted to take a ride in the crowd when the people pushed me fighting to get a seat, more than six years I am writing about our suffer transplantation and nothing happened, it makes me crazy, I do not understand how the government is unable to find out a better solution for the problem of transportation so far?!! I spent all, the day on transport , At first I was chatting with people on the bus , I thought of how could I make use of my time that I spent in the transport?! So I started to read, the reading took me to another world and conquer sense to lose my life in transportation. By Reading I lost sense of time and I wondered by some stories to feed my mind ,then I thought of opening and complete the self learning I actually registered in Sudan Open University and study on transport I have completed four years of self-education, and I have graduated with a very good grade. Now I'm looking back to the challenges of my life, I spend time studying in a very hot weather, small room with a single window has no air conditioner , days past, I felt deep despair just wanted to pass the exam, I was suffering to stand the stress of living and working in Sudan for its unavailability , and I can not afford the job more than a year, I decided to complete my studies and get a college degree it was my dream that come true , so I was looking for well payed jobs that guarantees study expenses . I have suffered the continuing run out electricity than I used candle to read , I see the candle burning slowly, as if I were burning myself, I feel accelerated and heard an inside sound from my heart calling me Oh My God strengthen me to believe in myself and continue. One day, I felt depressed and made my decision that I wouldn't go to the exam, I called one of my colleagues and told her that I was unable to study , she asked me what other choice do I have ? And how will I achieve my goals? If not face my fears ?! She encouraged me strongly to study and write that I know what I understood, I will do that and be successful Now I look at myself in the mirror and tell her that I've succeeded, I have tasted my success after the pains, challenges and hope.

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This story was submitted in response to The Voice of the People.

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Dec 31, 2016
Dec 31, 2016

Dear, dear Islam, I must say that you write so well, telling me what a struggle you have had to attain an education in the midst of so much difficulty. I can feel your pain and discouragement. But it looks to me as though you have a lot of strength and determination! Good! You are on the right path. It is good that you spend time reading. Read everything you can! I will be thinking of you on your difficult journey.