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About Me

I am an enthusiastic Italo-Australian, with a Master's in Criminology and Criminal Justice, a strong interest in gender and migration issues, and experience working and volunteering with NGOs. I am very passionate about social change, and believe in the importance of relying on digital technology, social media and other to raise awareness about social issues.I am currently working for a Maltese NGO that supports victims of crime.

My Vision

My vision for the future is that of a world where women are no longer told who and what they are or should be, how they should behave, what they can or cannot aspire to, but are free to explore who and what they are, have been and want to be. My vision is of a world where women do not have to worry about what they wear, look over their shoulder when they walk home at night, take precautions because of the fear of rape, assault or abuse.


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