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About Me

The major reason for wanting to be a part of World Pulse for me has been the alarming increase in crime and deadly activities, mainly for women, in India. According to the National Crime Report Bureau, there were around 309546 cases of violence against women reported in 2013. The violence ranges from sexual to physical to mental. Be it at home, office, road, college, school or the supermarket, what astounds me is the thought process of the masses at large which holds women themselves responsible for their fate of being raped, molested or sexually assaulted at any stage. The popular opinion of women getting more and more vulnerable is due to their attire. Recently actress Gauhar Khan was slapped because some Malik thought that it is his duty and right as well to teach her a lesson for wearing clothes that are unethical according to their religious doctrines. Talking about my own experiences in life, I have been victimized on the road innumerable times, in shorts or salwar. Constant insecurity and trauma grows with a woman in this country. The state of people who do not fall under the colloquial and Lawful terms of Gender and Sex is no better. I don’t wish to blame or avenge for making us women miserable. I just wish to work on the collective mentality of people to make them realize that every human being has the right to choose the way they want to live. If a woman’s attire titillates a man’s hormones, his hands DO NOT get an automatic license to grope. India should be a free country not only for MALE and FEMALE but also QUEERS and PROSTITUTES. The entire nation/world needs to understand that Gender Inequality rises from a sense of power that is instilled in a child at a very early age, male children precisely. Our society bestows a thousand norms on women but a boy knows that he is free to do whatever he wants to. Instead of asking our girls to be careful of people, if parents started asking their sons to behave, boys would probably have better respect for the other sex from the roots. Violence is not restricted to men over women only. Boys can also be subject to violence. Incidents of ragging are rampant in many colleges where not only men but women are also involved. Girls on the other hand are also not told to fight for their cause by their parents. We live in a society where people want to dominate and feel powerful even if it harms other beings. Hence I want to create awareness on this conditioning of our society through my writing. Humanity is the biggest asset of Human beings and social order cannot be restored by just “teaching lessons” to each other; we need to reform minds. It is time to stand up – time to practice what we preach.

My Vision

I am presently working in a tribal zone to bring about a positive change in the persisting Educational System. Apart from the various modes incorporated in order to bring about this change, I personally feel creating awareness regarding the importance of education is important and I have worked extensively for that. Involving and adapting with the tribal community have not only broken my notions of acceptance and survival, but to a certain extent made me strong as a character. Be it from approaching Head Masters about teaching Hindi through Mewari (the indigenous language of the tribes) of to parents reluctant to send their drop out kids back to the school, fellowship was teaching me to come out of my comfort zone every day. While working on the mentality of teachers and headmasters I realized that, the process of change can be aggravated only when more and more people join this venture of changing what seems to be wrong. Hence, I wish to reach out to a larger mass and create awareness about every intriguing issue which stands out as a hindrance to the overall development of our society. Writing has always been a powerful tool for revolution and personally speaking nothing inspires me more than words. I have always loved writing, especially writing for a cause. I feel agitated and helpless whenever any incident of crime, corruption or oppression occurs. I want to channelize this energy to do something for the cause of humanity. Well, personally I am an easy going, fun loving person who loves to discover the world in her own way. I am happiest when surrounded by loved ones and feel enlightened when close to nature. I believe in being the selfish person who wishes to fulfil all her desires, at the same time are a source of happiness to others. At the end of the day, all I want is to look myself in the mirror and smile at life. I being a responsible individual wish to instigate minds and encourage every person to do their bit to make our society a better place to live in. “When the mind is knotted in fear, the problem is always outside, not inside”, I aspire to eradicate this fear within me and in the process help in changing the mentality which breeds it.


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