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Posted April 18, 2015 from India

Okay, I have a few questions to all those people who showed cynical views against the Vogue India video. Why do all the articles I read inevitably start with the issue of ‘the choice to have sex outside of marriage’? Why is it so hard to accept so rampant a reality? Why can't people emphasize more on "choice" than sex? Deepika Padukone in her video chooses to have sex outside her marriage and as a result, of course, every woman from tomorrow is definitely going to start following her. Why? Very simple, because she is an actress and we are all fools. We as individuals should not give out wrong messages to the society by saying this since we are a bunch of Homo sapiens born without a brain which catches all the negative signals but. For god’s sake, for just once can we look beyond our traditional values and stop terming sex as the ideal and the ultimate symbol of fidelity? My having feelings for more than one partner at a time is not so criminal, but the engagement of body is? I am not saying that it is and should be everybody’s right to have sex outside their marriage whenever they want to, all I want to say is why we can’t look at it from a different perspective? The message that I got from the video is a woman denied of “choices” (which apparently are possessed by other members of the society) trying to highlight the fact that "I DO have the right" by using sex as a medium because it has a powerful implication in our society which nobody can disagree with. Shouldn’t we feel sorry for ourselves for living in a society where we need to spoon feed a bottle of “morality” every time something is spoken against the “normal”?

On the other hand, the biggest pointer all the reproachers could come up with is Vogue is responsible for making ultra fashionable mannequins out of women. According to the wise, it is a farce on society for a brand like it that only focuses on selling products to be talking on the stance of women in India. Vogue caters to women who are rich and as a matter of fact privileged. A rich woman can easily go out and ask her mother’s friends to look for a bride for her, she can log on to and ask for a lady’s hand in marriage, she can obviously stand on the road declaring herself as a lesbian without being stared at by perplexed, disgusted eyes. Yes! Vogue does cater to the women of elite class, but what makes you think that anybody who can buy a Satya Paul saree is bereft of all the atrocities of society? The accusers even went on to say that women in India are deprived of the basic necessities of life such as education and equality and here a huge brand is talking about choices! So I ask YOU, the responsible citizens (all the magazine and social media writers) of this country what have you done for improving their present predicament? Vogue India is a high society brand which anyways never reached the people who live in the slums, all these days it has been functioning like that. Then why suddenly out of the blue you the well wishers of women of the lower strata want to make the video available to them (who does not have computers or internet) in regional languages.

Vogue India is no doubt a capitalistic venture, they do want to sell their products but, why does that rob them of the “choice” to send out a social message. All I want to convey is why don’t we take a little time out and think, where has the need for such a video emanated from? Why don’t we as a society and as individuals contemplate a little before jumping into conclusions? Why are we as individuals not ashamed of follow social media trends but fashion? I belong to a very middle class family and I cannot afford a Satya Paul saree but I can absolutely appreciate initiatives.

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Apr 18, 2015
Apr 18, 2015


I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to you today, because I thought you might be interested in participating in the Path to Participation Initiative that just launched this week on World Pulse!

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May 02, 2015
May 02, 2015

Hi 2 yeras back in delhi there was a demonstration organize by some south delhi based womens organisation thy name its Besharmi morcha (shamless front) . where womens will.wear skimpy cloths ans walk on road in delhi the idea behinde is a agitation in Europe known as Slut walk.Which they have copy pest it from SLUT WALK one of my female friend was going there so I askd her why you named it Besharmi morcha (shameless front) as it is copy pest of SLUT WALK so why not you are calling it slut walk here or translate in local language....her prompt reply was Are you mad arafat this is not our culture how can we call ourself sluts............